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Year of the Divine You

dh3What if 2016 was the year you lived as your Divinely Multidimensional and Infinite Self?

What if this newsletter was a vibrational reminder you left for yourself to find to amplify your divine light codes?

Just as the Chinese calendar has the year of the horse or the year of the monkey, Divine Transmissions is dedicating this year to be the year of the Divine, the Divine YOU. The energy qualities of the year of the Divine are extraordinary, infinite, intuitive perception, creator, multidimensional communication and magic (to name a few).

Have an awareness of these energies being transmitted through this scribed consciousness right now. Opening up your expanded self, your extraordinary self, and your capacities to create in magical and intuitive ways.

Enjoy this vibrational transmission for a few more breaths…

Want to play some more in these energies? There are a few ways you can do so.

  1. Join Divine You Free Event-February 6-10
  2. Divine It Sacred Sites Tour in France May 30-June 10
  3. Enjoy the written transmission here on Divination

All is well and you are all,

The Divine Transmissions Team of Light Beings

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