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What would you do if you didn’t give a hoot what others thought?

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Are you an approval seeker, people pleaser, highly sensitive or empathic being?

Does the fear of doing something wrong or what others might think stop you from being you?

If so, you are not alone. This is especially true for spiritual women on a Divine mission. It is vulnerable to be seen, to share your gifts and to come out of hiding. Yet it gets more and more uncomfortable holding back the longer you do it.

Does this sound like I am reading your mind? Well I am because these are the thoughts and energies I have grappled with personally. These are the very same topics that I work on in one form or another with pretty much all of my clients.

And it makes sense. Ancestrally, explorers were often the ones that took risks and got killed. For example, moving into a new area in search of food and instead becoming food.

Or from the spiritual or past life perspective, people who spoke their truth often got ostracized, persecuted and killed. For example, Jesus or the Cathars (from the area I just visited in France). Being different didn’t end well.

Or if you approach it simply from being the aware person that you are in that you know it when someone you love isn’t happy, doesn’t like what you are doing, wants you to be or do something else. It is easy to attempt to change who you are to avoid feeling their disapproval or dis-ease.

Yet what happens to you? What happens to what you came here to express? Often times what can happen is you hold back, play small, put off what you want for what others want?

Want to make a shift in this area?

Here is a suggestion. Take 5 minutes right now and write down what you would be doing or being or having if you didn’t give a ta-hooti about what anybody else thought?

Just see what comes.

  • Would you write that book you always wanted to write?
  • Would you spend more time with your family?
  • Would you come out of the ‘woo woo’ closet?
  • Would you step into your brilliance and shine?
  • Would you ask for what you really wanted?

Next write what would you be doing or being if you cared about what you really wanted?

Just see what comes here. These two directions will be sure to open up some interesting lines of communication within. And if you want more support with this please check out this Space of Potency Consciousness on Demand video or what calls to you on our site www.divinetransmissions.com

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