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What can I do to see into my heart and to hear my higher self?

Question: “Divine Council, What can I do to see into my heart and to hear my higher self. I am not able to visualize anything and I feel blocked. Thank you, I love you All!”
Answer: This is Archangel Michael that is moving more into the forefront of this transmission in response to your asking and calling forth this question, which is not only held by you dear one that has asked it, yet many more who are also asking it. Where we would begin in our response is by downloading an energetic opener of your innate subtle capacities to read energy, to see consciousness and to know your inner truth in these words. You can imagine that you are receiving a vibration of harmonic resonance that is diluting any sense of distortion or intensity that you have placed around this idea that you can know, hear and see your heart and your higher self. Imagine that this harmonic energy is absorbing this block. Is absorbing this block. Is absorbing this block.

After this harmonic resonance vibration is absorbed have a sense of the space behind your ears gently being opened with a light breeze of remembering. Awakening your capacity to hear your inner guidance.

Then imagine that you are standing within your heart space in a master cell in your heart and you have a key to a lock that has been known as a block and that you are unlocking this lock with your heart key. As you do have an awareness of your true awareness, recognize that you have already been communicating with your inner guidance system. You have already been connecting with your higher self. You have a way that you do this already. Allow this to come into your awareness at this time. Allow yourself to become aware of your way…

As you feel a sense of peace coming in take a few deep breaths to integrate and complete this process. Knowing that we have transmitted an awakening of your subtle senses initiation at this time. These words are placeholders for the energies that have been transmitted on a multidimensional level. That is all and all is well.

Yours in Harmonic Resonance and Light,

Archangel Michael 

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