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What am I called to do?

Have you had a chance to see our new complimentary offering~The Ask the Divine Your Question Program? Each month we will be choosing questions to respond to and posting them in the newsletter and blog. Thanks to everyone for sending in your questions.

Here is this month’s question:

Q: I have a full life. I am a mother to three lovely young children and work part time. I feel like there is something more that i am to do. I just don’t know what. Is there something that you see opening up for me that I am called to do? Thank you so much 🙂

A: Response from Thoth and the Council of Light

This is The Council of Light that is moving more into the forefront of this Ask the Divine Transmission. We appreciate your question thoroughly and chose it because although it is not the same question as everyone else has submitted it does provide a theme that is underlying many of the questions we have received this last month.

What we see opening up for you is a deeper level of passion and appreciation for you. Oftentimes when you incarnate you have a certain mission in mind for the lifetime, this mission may be to remember that you are divine, or to experience love or to experience joy. Whatever the particular mission is there will always be a calling to experience more of it from within.

As you stated you have a very fully life and we sense that you are very well suited for the life that you have and that you are on mission. Yet at the same time there is this desire to open up to a greater possibility. In your case what we are sensing is that rather than this possibility being about an external change, like starting a business it is more of an internal sense of really allowing yourself to be thoroughly at ease and in space of pleasure as you are going throughout your day.

Rather than the what you are doing changing it is more of the how you are being deepening. For you we are not seeing that this is a big shift internally as you are already deeply appreciative for your life, yet perhaps simply shifting your focus to even more joy during each moment. We are extending some energy in these words to convey an additional energetic support for this process. Thank you for your question and enjoy the ripple effects from this response.


The Council of Light

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