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Unity Consciousness Principles

MeditationThis is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, the purpose of which is to provide consciousness that enhances your sense of you. Today’s Unity Consciousness principle is one that is quite simple, the more you you are, the more like yourself you feel then the more in alignment with Unity Consciousness you are. When you look around your life, does it feel like you? Does it look like you? Do you have a sense of aligning more with you when you contemplate your day? If so you are including you and inclusion and being you are two Unity Consciousness principles that are potently pertinent and powerful to today’s changing times.

Or when you look at your life and yourself do you feel separate from you? Do you use the difference of what you hope to be and what you are as a reason to move into separation consciousness? If so, here is a simple tip that doesn’t really have anything to do with changing your external environment yet rather becoming more aware of what is happening within you that you feel so connected to the consciousness of you.

Unity Consciousness Principle and Tool Set: Allowing and Inclusion

Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to sink into your chair. As you sink physically into the support of a chair underneath you allow your thoughts to also sink down, to move from your head down into your toes. These beginning moments are a process of allowing yourself a moment of space without trying to change anything, just being.

Now focus on including your sensations, become aware of your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, and the sounds in and around you. Just continue to allow your sensations one at a time, if you are feeling separation just allow it, if you are feeling angry allow it, as you are feeling happy allow it, as your body feels energized allow it, as your body feels tense allow it. Giving each of your sensations the same amount of allowing and attention and then moving on to the next one. Then imagine that each of your sensations is like a tooth on a zipper and that you are including them all in one moment, like zipping up a zipper, the parts that were separate come together to form a whole. Then just take a few deep breaths and return your awareness back to the here and now.

This exercise is a wonderful one to do to allow yourself to include all of you. The inclusion of you is being unified with you. As you continue on this journey of life, you are invited to have you as a priority. To take the space and the time to get clear on what it is that is you. As you become more aware of you and the uniqueness of you, you are positioned to really be flowing in your energy cycles and wisdom. This is the space in which you create worlds. This is the space in which you are able to be. It is with great joy and appreciation that this transmission is coming to a place of completion.

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