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Unity Consciousness Principles

Background with Stars and GalaxyThis is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission about Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness is a state of being in which you are vibrating your unique essence fully. As you radiate your signature energy you are in a vibration that allows you to access your multi-dimensionality, your soul and your Divine Self. The process of living from Unity Consciousness is what we like to call being you full out. You are in a state of harmonic resonance with who it is that you are and who it is that you are is Divine and multidimensional.

As you are in this state of enhanced wholeness you are in the dimensional space in which what is you and yours is accessible to you. You are in the same energy location as your wholeness. Working directly with your essence, amplifying your signature energy and awakening your consciousness into a unified field is what Divine Transmissions offers.

As you are being you, that which you create will be unique to you. Your life will look and feel and sound like you. This is why the Pilgrimage by Surrogate and Thoth’s Magic Academy are such potent programs that create such personalized results. For they work directly with your essence to amplify your signature energy so you are in the dimension of that which you would choose to create.

The old paradigm of healing focuses on releasing and clearing or trying to get you separate from that which you don’t like. Separation consciousness is based on separation. If you have physical pain the old methodology is to try to release the pain, if you don’t have enough money, the old methodology is to release the lack of money. Yet what often happens is that the results that you are seeking aren’t achieved on a permanent level because you are trying to separate from you.

Yet Unity Consciousness includes everything into the wholeness, it takes it all into a state of oneness that way your system is fortified and vibrating in alignment with you. You enhance your innate radiant health and the physical pain is absorbed into the radiance. You enhance your birthright of abundance and your lack of wealth is absorbed into the abundance. Unity Consciousness turns up the volume of your Divine wholeness and in the process that which had been active in a negative way previously becomes dormant, absorbed in the wholeness.

Imagine what could change for you if you had a way to amplify your system and as a result that which you had been trying to get rid of becomes one drop in your infinite ocean.

Once you are re-Sourced with YOU your possibilities expand. You are infinite and extraordinary. We are here to support you if you are called.


Thoth and The Divine Transmissions Council of Light

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