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A Joy Pod is a Unity Consciousness Experience;

a reunion of souls collectively remembering that joy is bountiful.


woman with headphones listening to musicJoy Pods have been created to support you on your journey into Unity Consciousness (joy, wholeness, integration). When you are in a state of joy (the vibration of joy) your system is in a natural wave of energy that is in communion with all of you. You are a multidimensional being, you are a Divine being, you are a creator being, your brilliant system is designed to be in a vibration of joy.

Joy is an energy that can be developed in your system and as it is remembered you are in union with you. As such you move out of resistance, internal turmoil and a state of separation from who you really are and what you really could be generating in your life into realizing that all is well all of the time.

Joy Pods are offered by Thoth and The Council of Light and are a beautiful way to receive support for your becoming as well as have access to high level, leading edge consciousness. Each transmission will be spontaneously downloaded with the optimal topic for that month and will include energy transmission, high vibrational wisdom (words from the Divine Council) and Q & A. Your questions are an amazing contribution to the expansion of consciousness.

Joy Pods are an extraordinary opportunity to access the most up to date consciousness that Divine Transmissions has to offer in a cost effective and joyous way. If you were in line with you what would you generate and contribute? If you were living in the vibration of joy what would change for you in your life?

These monthly transmissions are powerful, potent and extraordinary, an opportunity to catalyze your own awakening through this group setting. Each transmission will be unique and stand in and on its own. And if you choose to sequence a few or several together in one stint of time, like a year, you will enjoy this very much.

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When: 1st Tuesday of the month at 8:30AM PTandromeda-galaxy..

Where: Live and on the phone for 75 minutes

What: We will transmit the message of the month and then open up the line for questions. It will be interactive even if you are unable to be there live and you can always pre-submit your questions.

How: The transmissions will be recorded so you can listen to them again and again for each time you do you are different and tap into the multi-dimensionality that is available in them.

Investment: We invite you to register now and sign up for just one time or for the monthly subscription. You can cancel the ongoing subscription at anytime you would like before your next session payment occurs (after your initial registration your payment will be charged on the 28th of each month).

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We look forward to being with you in this potent and powerful way!


The Council of Light