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Unity Consciousness Joy-Camp:

5 Days with the Masters Home Study Program

With Mary Magdalene, The Council of Light, Isis, Thoth, and Infinite Oneness

Our purpose in calling forth this gathering is to provide the energetic support, practical tools and big reason WHYs for you to step firmly into Unity Consciousness. Rather than calling this gathering a boot camp, as it does have the same level of intensity and discipline, we are calling it a joy camp. For it is through the portal of joy that you align with unity.

This is for you if:

  • you are committed to moving out of survival consciousness and unraveling the tenacious patterns that keep you stuck in fear, lack and separation from the Divine.
  • you recognize that in order to expand in your personal, spiritual and professional evolution you must be fully re-Sourced and overflowing with joy, love, abundance and trust.
  • you are fed up with settling, worrying, and living a fraction of the potential you know resides within you.

Here are the camp activities:

  • Pre-Camp Activation Questionnaire to jumpstart and individualize your Joy-Camp results
  • Five 70-minute Divine Transmissions with the daily special guest Ascended Master outlining what Unity Consciousness is, how you can live from it and why it is so important to do so right away
    • Ceremonies, meditations and tools to shift and maintain your Unity Consciousness vibration
    • Conscious Choice activities (this is where your discipline is required) to take a stand for being anchored in love, collaboration, and your divine alignment
  • Three bonus videos from sacred sites (more details below)
  • Members-only download page with easy repeat access to five audio transmissions and three bonus videos to add to your library of go-to materials for heart centered and masterful living
  • Five days of 24/7 Energetic Unity Consciousness Entrainment Container (this alone is worth your investment). Starts 24 hours after your purchase.

When: Get Instant Access Now to Enjoy at Your Pace!

Where: The Comfort of Your Home

Investment: $197 – We want to make this soooooo easy for you to say yes!

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Bonuses: Three New Video Transmissions from Sacred Sites

Isis’s Temple in Philae: Council of Light transmission of the Emerald Ray, the ray of consciousness that supports you in being you FULL OUT!

Southern France: Mary Magdalene bliss-kissed second chakra activation for juiciness and increased permission to experience pleasure and abundance

Southern France: Thoth and Isis crystalline energy transmission for Magic and Mastery. How would it feel to be so congruent you are in a state of grace and joy regardless of any outside circumstance?

Group Transmissions

Ready to Shift to Unity? 
Join these Group Transmissions and receive energetic downloads, upgrades and heart-wisdom that will catapult you into Unity Consciousness. These divinely transmitted vibrations provide a field of coherent resonance that naturally align you with your birthrights of joy and therefore health, wealth and fulfillment. 
You are a creator being! You are abundant now! You are the divine awakened! You are bliss!

How it works?
We, a panel of light beings, including the Council of Light, Toth, The Venus Ray, The Money Muse Panel and other ascended masters have gathered in response to your asking, your calling, and your intentions. In partnership with Danielle and your higher self we share vibrations, words, frequencies and alignments that activate your sacred remembering within. The sacred remembering that you are eternal, you are divine, you are perfect, whole and complete. As a result you will feel better, have greater clarity and purpose and unify into oneness within and without.

You will receive the MP3 recording for the transmissions at time of purchase.

   Maui Revealed: Portals to the Divine Self as Heaven on Earth

72-minute Transmission MP3 – $75 LIMITED TIME 40%OFF (use coupon code MEGASALE13)



This Divine Transmission was recorded on Danielle’s sacred journey to Maui in January 2012. It is encoded with divine light and love. It includes up to the moment downloads and information to support you in aligning with your full potential in 2012 and beyond. Receive a bliss transmission from Lemuria, journey to Atlantis to access ancient wisdom through a direct connection to Thoth. This high vibrational transmission is an incredible addition to your journey as you travel into higher states of awareness of the open heart that are similar to ancient civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.
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   Three Sacred Sites Revealed: Southern France, Sedona and Egypt

Three 70-plus minute Transmissions: $97 LIMITED TIME 40%OFF (use coupon code MEGASALE13)

Info: These divine transmissions were recorded in 2011 when Danielle travelled to each of these sacred sites. She is being guided to open these archive transmissions so that those that are called can access the powerful shifts they provide.


Southern France Revealed — Soul Remembering

At various times in evolution, places and the energy they hold play an important part. Right now France is awakening to provide a stabilization of the matrix of spirit centered living. Home to the Cathars, Mary Magdalene, Jeshua, elemental fairies, Isis goddess centers and other highly evolved spiritual beings this mecca of godliness is popping with truths, downloads and energetic stabilizations. Bi-locate with Danielle as she is in the Provence region for this powerful kiss from this beautiful land of spiritual soul rememberings.


Sedona Revealed — A portal into Oneness

Various sacred sites (known and unknown) around the planet are coming forward to support the transformation of consciousness that is occurring on the Earth plane at this time. Sedona is one of them. During the time that Danielle is in Sedona in October there is a portal into oneness that is opening within. Sedona is acting as an entrainment calibrator and is broadcasting a formula to open the portal of oneness within. This Oneness Awakening is a free will choice and will be received by those who are choosing it. This group transmission will include special bands of consciousness that support the full remembering of wholeness and full spectrum oneness and acceptance within.

Egypt Revealed: Your Full Self Realized

The crystalline matrix of all of creation is thrumming through each and every moment. Egypt is an epicenter of accelerated remembering and oneness wisdom. Connect to ancient Egypt and download the energy package that you have left for yourself on this sacred solstice day, one year before the 2012 Mayan calendar completes. Receive the divinity codes that awaken your soul’s lineage, more of your gifts and talents, and generally encourage you to be your full self. Ride the wave of momentum you have created in 2011 for the last 10 days of this calendar year and start 2012 from where you want to be, not where you’ve been. Danielle will have recently returned from spending 21 days in Egypt, so this session will be overflowing with potent downloads, upgrades and heart-wisdom.

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