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Trust Your Guidance Initiation

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You are, whether you realize it or not, an intuitive and aware being. In fact you are receiving guidance about what is best for you all the time. Accessing this information is one side of the equation (let’s table this for another time) yet trusting it enough to implement it is another.

Let’s look at this together. Why in the world would you ignore your inner knowing about what is best for you, when you know it will actually support you in actualizing your deepest desires?

Well there are a lot of reasons for this including patterns that have been passed down to you from your ancestors, past life experiences and tribal consciousness. Let’s say in a past life you were a healer, oracle, teacher and information that you received and shared led to you being kicked out of the tribe, ostracized, abandoned by your family or even killed. Or in this lifetime you are a pioneer, leader, an innovator and the guidance you are receiving is asking you to go beyond what others are doing and being and everything within the old paradigm of separation consciousness has wired you to fit in rather than stand out. Or you have a lifetime pattern of giving away your power to others, a teacher, spouse, priest… to know what is best for you? What do you do?

Initiation to Trust Your Guidance

First take a moment in silence and go within and ask yourself what guidance are you aware of that you are actually shutting down or refusing to follow and why? Just be soft with this and see what comes…

Now take a few deep breaths and invite your awareness to float into your DNA and your cellular memory and/or if you prefer into your Akashic Records (where all the information about you is stored throughout all time and space). As you connect to your DNA and/or Akashic Records ask that all records that are related to the core reason why you don’t trust your guidance be tagged, flagged and pulled out.

Now if you choose ask that these records be included back into the wholeness, back into the oneness, back to the source from which they came. You can do this by visualizing the records melting in a fire or violet flame and transforming. Or by imagining your DNA being read from a new place illuminating a new belief or awareness such as you can trust your guidance. Or in whatever way comes to you. Simply spend a few moments being with and transforming these old records.

Now look for one that says tribal (survival) consciousness. This may appear to you as a book or a sensation or an image. Tribal consciousness or survival consciousness is anything that says that you have to ignore who you are in order to survive or fit in. It shows up as playing small, ignoring your guidance, or putting what others might think of you as more important than what you think of yourself. When you locate this information ask if you are choosing to stay connected to the old paradigm of survival consciousness or not? If you are choosing to unplug from the tribal consciousness state out loud~ “I choose to neutralize any connection I have to survival consciousness right here and right now”.

Just take a few deep breaths and notice your sensations…You may imagine this book of tribal consciousness evaporating or being re-written or being placed in the old library for future generations to learn from. Now ask your DNA and Akashic Records to awaken your full capacity to trust your guidance, Activate the trusting of this guidance fully. Spend a few moments with this process until it feels complete, sending appreciation to yourself, your DNA, your inner guidance and your Akashic Records.

This initiation is a powerful first step for reclaiming your capacity to trust your guidance. You being you is truly the most joyous, efficient and life enhancing way to traverse these powerful times. You being you is what the universe and you are asking for. Trusting your guidance is an important aspect to you being you for it truly positions you to be in those perfect places and opportunities.

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