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Recently I found myself in some connections with others where I was feeling the illusion of either/or thinking based in scarcity. What I mean by this is a win/lose scenario, either I get what I would really like out of the situation or the other person does, yet not both. In fact, I had three pretty big situations contingent on ‘negotiations’ with folks just this past week.

This caught my attention and the timing was impeccable since my newest program begins on the Solstice~Unity Consciousness Joy Camp. After 18 years of offering programs, sessions, tours and creating products and books I know that each new event is an accelerated path to my own personal evolution. I have the distinct pleasure of pioneering new territory and embodying whatever teachings or shifts the programs are creating.

No accident that a scarcity consciousness pattern would come up to be completed as an essential part of my energetic preparation for this course. Yet I have made the commitment to anchor all of my thoughts, feelings and actions in Unity Consciousness. So I asked myself how can I weave what I know to be true, which is there is no scarcity (only wholeness and abundance and enough for everyone) into these situations, because my choice and preference is to be in relationships that are life enhancing and a win/win for both. I didn’t want to have to choose between giving up what I wanted or not seeing the others have what they did, I wanted these situations to resolve in matters where everyone was sourced and ‘winning’.

Here is what I did, which are steps you can apply to your own life to shift from survival to thrival consciousness…

Awareness: I became aware that I had left my Source and high vibration of Unity (the awareness came because I felt afraid and unhappy).

Identifying: I identified that this pattern of either/or was untrue, an illusion.

Decisions: I made a decision to return to my Source and Unity Consciousness.

Meditation: I spent time in meditation coming into alignment with the flow of well-being that I know exists in each and every moment and situation and my birthrights of abundance, joy, purpose, unity.

Appreciation: I called upon the higher selves of everyone involved (including myself) and sent them love and appreciation and saw them as happy, healthy and wealthy.

Expansion: I elevated my consciousness to a state of Unity Awareness. By talking myself into that state. “I know that there is only abundance, wholeness and grace and that this wholeness, abundance and grace exists in each of these situations. I know that what is good for me is good for others and vice versa. I now choose to have all of these situations move into the realm of Unity Consciousness. I know that I can have what I want and the others can have what they want. That this is a win/win environment because there is only wholeness…”

Visualization: I sent this energy in advance into the meetings that I was having with each person and anchored the experience in Unity Consciousness.

Receiving: As I walked into each of the situations they had already resolved themselves. Oh my goddess, how wonderful is this. And they resolved in ways that were beyond even what I had originally wanted. Plus in the process people that weren’t even originally involved in the situation also received increased abundance and joy and brought in creative solutions that weren’t even recognized in the earlier stages. The support was there, the wholeness was there, the alignment was there. All this happened through including the scarcity and shifting it from either or to AND. I can have what I choose AND so can everyone else involved.

I invite you to take a moment right now and identify a pattern of scarcity or either/or consciousness that is stopping you from experiencing the life you imagine. Then apply the above steps to this pattern or situation. Then just watch how your success and your relationships will evolve.

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