A Stellar Conversation to
Activate and Access
Your Intergalactic and Infinite Capacities

 Join Venus or Venus + Sapphire

Starts Spring Equinox

March 20, 2016 ~ March 21, 2017


Dear Magic Academy Being of Light,

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. Now that you have completed Thoth’s Magic Academy 1, you are eligible to continue with the next cycle of our interactive unity consciousness conversation—TMA2TOO. When we say eligible we mean you are positioned on a vibrational level to access the Divine Magic capacities that reside within you. Some of these capacities are more universally based as a part of your infinite nature and others are specific to your unique Divine Design.


This second Year and a Day has a very galactic, off planet, multiverse feel to it and the Magic Academy Faculty is expanding to include new members such as Sanat Kumara and A Galactic Council of Light. The expanded council is coming online in response to a multiverse agreement with Beings of Light incarnate, such as yourself, and Beings of Light in light-frequencies, such as us—the Magic Academy Faculty, to awaken the fully embraced Divine Self.


You have traversed the terrain of your emotions and now are vibrating more and more as your multidimensional self and as such you have experienced more units of consciousness of Light Magic— what we speak of as equanimity and your signature source field. You have disintegrated your set point from tribal consciousness and 3-D functionality. You are vibrating your signature energy and evolving consciousness into Unity.  


You are Aware that more is coming, that more resides within you that is dormant and waiting to be awakened.

This includes:

  • What it is like to live as and from Unity Consciousness.
  • Tapping into cosmic consciousness and intergalactic frequencies that have never been on the EARTHSTAR before.
  • Living as the Divine Being of Light that you are.
  • New ways of being and innovative light technologies being discovered.



The Venus Cycle is designed to open up the unique capacities that you have within you that are a part of your infinite nature. 

Such as The Divine Magic of:

  • Creating through Energy and Frequency
  • Multidimensional Communication
  • Signature Energy Pulse Light Technology  

AKA, you get to add to your life the innate capacities you have as a Divine Being incarnate. This is the “now what” part of the All is Well~NOW WHAT?


The Venus + Sapphire cycle amplifies your Venus capacities by multiplying them with intergalactic downloads specific to your contribution to the evolution in consciousness and your origin Source codes.  

Sapphire is designed to illuminate your:

  • Star Seed Adeptness
  • Advanced Light Technologies from “off planet” Lifetimes
  • Intergalactic Interaction and Contribution to and from Multiverse Evolution  

For Sapphire less words is optimal for as we say what it is it limits it from fully being what it also could be.


We invite you to pause here and tune into the energy of TMA2TOO.

  • Is TMA2TOO for you?
  • Are you called to Venus?
  • Are you called to Venus + Sapphire?
  • Are you ready to go into the intergalactic Divine Magic of the Multiverse?
  • Do you have a role to play in bringing consciousness to Earth from other galaxies?
  • When you tune into your life in 3 years with having chosen this what does that feel like?
  • When you tune into your life in 3 years with choosing not to join TMA2TOO what does that feel like?

We are placing this invitation to join us on the altar of the Divine heart. It is yours to choose or not. Both are perfectly perfect choices.  

All is well and you are all—Now what?  

Thoth, Sanat Kumara & the Intergalactic Magic Academy Faculty

P.S. -  TMA2TOO is going to be far out, high level, cosmic, adept, vibey, light, magical, being matched, energetic, stellar~Divine Light Magic! We are going where we no one has gone before, yet a vibrational space that feels like home.  

P.P.S. - Here are the details of what’s included and how to take your seat at the table of the Galactic Council of Light.


Lunar Cycle (Monthly)

  • 1 Video Transmission (12 total)
  • 1 Audio Transmission (12 Total)
  • 1 75-Minute Live Group Interactive Call (12 Total)


$97 a month for 12 months
($97 deposit & 11 Monthly Payments of $97 starting March 20)

*Transmissions are delivered on the 1st of each month and are approximately 20-30 minutes in length. The calls are live and recorded.

Venus + Sapphire:
Lunar + Equinoxes & Solstices Cycles (Monthly + Quarterly)

Everything included in Venus PLUS

Each Quarter: Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice

  • 5 Days, 120 Hour Energy  & Consciousness Multidimensional Transmissions
  • 120-Star Seed Activations, 1 Each hour for 120 hours
  • 5, Daily Light Language Audio’s

BONUS:  6, 1:1 Written Transmissions from Stellar Magic Faculty (1 every 2 months based on your questions or comments to the faculty and personalized for you)


$187 a month for 12 months
($187 deposit and
11 Monthly Payments of $187 starting March 20)



($97 deposit & 11 Monthly Payments
of $97 starting March 20)


12 payments of $187

($187 deposit & 11 Monthly Payments
of $187 starting March 20)

Read more from Thoth and Sanat Kumara about TMA2TOO and the power of the equinoxes/solstices.

 Hello Dear One,  

It is I Thoth with the Galactic Magic Academy faculty, including Sanat Kumara that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. As you know earth and those that are choosing to are undergoing a rapid acceleration cycle of growth and evolution. This includes a dynamic participation with the multiverse and galactic beings such as us and such as you. As such there are agreements that we have with you and that you have with us that are coming due. Meaning that their time to come off of the shelf is now. You may have a sense of your energy and consciousness building to this point, that you are aware of what has never existed on earth before yet that which you have experienced on other planets and during other shifts in consciousness.

Each molecule in your physical environment is illuminated light. This light is radiant and is in conversation with light that exists in the galaxies. Like a phone conversation having two ends to it, this is similar to how we are connecting. You as a galactic being of light, often referred to as a star seed, are in communion with other beings of light across the multiverse.

The purpose of this stellar conversation is to transmit and receive from both ends frequencies and vibrations that than liberates the old molecules from duality and density into possibility and freedom. The 1st Year and a Day of the Magic Academy has created a lot. We are appreciative of your essential role in that. The second Year and a Day, TMA2TOO is a Divine Magic YOUniversity that is acknowledging that there are new ways of being and dormant Divine capacities that are ready to be awakened.

This is such that you are streaming consciousness from beyond the beyond to catalyze the energies of universal delight. This is a multifaceted process which has two congruent ways of access points, one lunar (monthly) cycle and one lunar + seasonal equinox or solstice cycle (quarterly).

The lunar cycle is about the awakening of your capacities as a Divine Being of Light. These capacities are those that you would call magical and would also deem as familiar from other lifetimes. You can think of these like super powers that have been waiting for this time and these downloads to be awakened.

The quarterly cycle is an ancient methodology that was practiced on earth by creating stone circles, such as Stonehenge, or building temples, such as Luxor Temple to shine the light of the sun or the moon to activate and communicate with the cosmos. These times were especially ripe for stellar communication. The quarterly cycle includes the lunar awakening of your divine capacities and adds to that the awakening of you as a power place incarnated on earth. What we mean by that is that just as the Great Pyramid is a transmitter and receiver of energy and consciousness that pulses out and communicates with the galaxies so are you. Just as a temple or stone circle is designed for the light to shine on the statue or stone during this cross quarter points of the equinox/solstice so are you. You are a Council of Light member with the light codes of the star seeds within you that has access to a direct divine mission and communication with beings of light, such as ourselves, that are here to awaken and facilitate earth becoming multidimensionally reconnected to her divine body.   

Joining Venus + Sapphire is adding 20 days of direct intergalactic communication with the Galactic Council of Light and yourself for the purpose of awakening the origin Source codes you have within you as a star seed. This star seed activation sequence is one that you pull consciousness from off planet that your system requires to play your role in the return of Earth to her fully embodied starlight. 

  • What if what you require to evolve your consciousness and fulfill your Divine Light Mission isn’t on Earth yet?
  • What do you have access to once your star seed consciousness is re-membered that will transform your experience of the rest of your life and position you for your future lifetimes?
  • Choosing to join TMA2TOO?

All is well-now what?

Thoth and the Magic Academy 2TOO Faculty 



($97 deposit & 11 Monthly Payments
of $97 starting March 20)


12 payments of $187

($187 deposit & 11 Monthly Payments
of $187 starting March 20)

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