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Be You Full Out Anchored in Unity Consciousness

A Year and a Day Video Program

Starts Summer Solstice

.. June 21, 2017 ~ June 22, 2018


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You can’t get here from there.” ~Thoth ..

  • You have an awareness that this time on Earth is extraordinary and is calling you to step into another realm of consciousness.

“The easiest way to navigate the shift in consciousness is to be you full out”

~ The Council of Light ..

  • You are aware that the key to it all lies within you, that you know what is best for you, that your unique access to your divine wholeness and the joy of being you full out is your launching pad to ease, purpose, abundance and love.

There is more to be garnered from living in Unity Consciousness
(joy, love, unity, abundance, purpose) than there is from spending another
moment in a repetitive pattern of
Survival Consciousness (fear, doubt, lack, illusion).”
~The Divine Council ..

  • You are deeply devoted to your personal growth and the evolution of consciousness. Yet at times you bump up against separation consciousness. What would change for you if you owned that you are a master of every repetitive pattern that you have? What could you garner from experiencing deep support, nourishment, joy, purpose and abundance?

Sun above Earth

This is a pivotal year in which (if you choose) you can liberate yourself from tribal consciousness and BE YOU FULL OUT. This is the year to take the biggest risk of your life to be you. Being the same as everyone around us won’t create the consciousness that is possible. In fact the shift requires leaders, innovators, pioneers to radiate a new paradigm of being, to bring in consciousness that hasn’t been experienced before. What resides within you that only you have access to that will be an incredible contribution to the planet and beyond?

Have you experienced any of these tribal consciousness patterns?
  • Giving away your power
  • Caring more about what other people think or want than what is best for you
  • Playing small, hiding out, hesitating, pulling back
  • Fear of going for what you want because you might be ostracized, killed, disappear, be all alone
  • Doubt, second guess yourself, lack of clarity
  • Want to do something different yet find yourself in the same situation over and over again
  • Having a competing commitment (inner conflict that what you want most is actually what brings up all your fears and doubts)

Do you ever feel?
  • You are different than 99% of the people that you know
  • That because of the differences you see in yourself and those around you, you thought there must be something wrong with you
  • A gap between what you know to be true on an intuitive or spiritual level and the way that you operate or experience your reality
  • That you have done something wrong or you might do something wrong yet you can’t really put your finger on it
  • That if you do live your life for you others won’t like it
  • That your old ways of being are outdated and you are ready to access what is within you to live from the inside out

Are you ready to?
  • Unplug from tribal consciousness so you can finally live your life as you and from you?
  • Dismantle that which isn’t uniquely you or yours so you can embrace your multidimensionality?
  • Access that which you have access to that up until now you haven’t been able to be or experience?
  • Be steeped in leading edge Unity Consciousness Principles.
  • Have a direct daily interaction with Thoth and Ascended Masters. 
  • Have more and more moments as the multidimensional magnificent Being of Light that you are!
  • Be able to bounce back to a state of equanimity and connection instantly.
  • Develop a direct connection with your intuition and your Team of Light Beings.
  • Be in an environment that matches you and engages you at such a profound level you can show up as the brilliance of you.

divine transmissions

We are on a mission to support those of you that are asking to cross the threshold from holding back to showing up powerfully in the world for you and for the shift in consciousness. We are starting a “Divine (extraordinary) You movement”, because that level of potency is what will liberate you from holding back.

Remember you can’t get here (Unity) from there (Separation), meaning that living in Unity Consciousness won’t be experienced from living in Separation, so whatever you are using as the reason to not be you full out is keeping you separate from you.

We are taking a strong stand for you to move beyond disconnecting from the magic of you into the awareness of your wholeness, oneness and expansive nature. We have created a vibrational environment that provides frequency, Divine Transmissions and support so that you are radiating your signature energy, mastering your inner world and experiencing a profound connection with the Divine within and without.  


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thoth imageDear One,

It is I Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, which is an invitation to explore A Year and a Day apprenticeship with me and other ascended masters including your self.  You are receiving this because you are on the forefront of change.

You are aware of ways of being that are unique to you and empowering to the transformational awareness on the planet. 

There is a desire within you to be the empowered, multi-dimensional, unique, creator being that you are in more and more moments of your life. You know that there has been a shift in consciousness and that the way you see the world is extraordinary. Your consciousness and spiritual awareness are a phenomenal contribution to the planet and the universe at this time. 

This Year and a Day is one in which we will dive deeply into the subject of Unity Consciousness so that you can live from a place of unflappable joy, inner power and grace.

This offering is unique for it is about adding something to your life and through the adding of something (daily videos, monthly calls and 24/7 energy container) you are priming the pump of your energy to jump. To jump into the wholeness of you, to jump into the universal consciousness of you, to take a leap into Being You Full Out.


Are you choosing to join us for the most extraordinary year of your life?

Our Itinerary Includes:

Daily Video Transmissions (366)

A Year and a Day of Thoth’s Energy Support

Monthly Community Magic Calls (12)


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  Your Magic Academy Investment is  
  A Year and a Day invested in shifting into Being You Full Out anchored in Unity Consciousness  
  $3300 Full Pay(A $350 Savings) $3650 Monthly Payment($650 Deposit & 12 Monthly Payments of $250)  
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Want to have an experience of what this journey will be like?

Check out the videos below.


Still have questions whether this is a great fit for you reach out to our team at team@divinetransmissions.com with any questions and we will be happy to be of further assistance as you explore this extraordinary journey of a lifetime.


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You are invited to join us for a Year and a Day of magic
that enhances all of the Years and Days to come.

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