Thoth’s 1:1 Ascended Mastery Academy:

A Spiritual Apprenticeship with Thoth in Collaboration with other
Ascended Masters for the purpose of you contributing your adeptness.

1 Space Available

Dear One,

It is I Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this divine communication. Danielle has opened her next level of greatness while in Egypt and France and is now able to tap into ancient wisdoms in an even greater capacity. She and I have entered into a sacred ceremony, a spiritual contract to grace the planet at this time with these wisdoms. As such, her primary focus in 2016 is transmitting this body of work through me.

We are calling it Thoth’s 1:1 Ascended Mastery Academy: A Spiritual Apprenticeship with Thoth in Collaboration with other Ascended Masters for the purpose of you contributing your adeptness. It spans across a year and a day and is designed to fully awaken the experience of living your Divinity. Now it is only available to a few people due to the energetic nature of the program and you will know if you are one of them.

The commitment is deep, more than any you have entered into before. When I say a year and a day, I mean it spans between a year and a day, every hour, every minute, every second of that year and a day.

The financial commitment is $101,000 to be paid upfront via check, money order or wire transfer. Part of the energy of this money arrangement is based in the Akashic records. Those who are meant to participate in this apprenticeship have been positioned to have the monies for this specific reason. This spiritual gift of abundance represents symbolically and spiritually the depth of your soul’s choice to be the awakened Divinity.

The content of the year and a day Thoth’s Ascended Mastery Academy is multi-pronged and focuses on 6 specific areas of Ascended Mastery: The Scribe, Architect, Merchant, Akashic Records and Healing (Alignment) and Magic.   These areas of mastery touch the core of ascension consciousness. The outcome of the year and the day is one of profound spiritual evolution and progress. 

A Year and A Day of Direct Spiritual Transmissions (24/7 Connection)

  • Daily written transmissions (366)
  • Monthly recorded ascension lessons (12)
  • Monthly interactive apprenticeship calls (12)
  • Quarterly ½ day interactive retreats (via phone, skype or as available in person) (4)
  • 5 day in person retreat (1) (Included: Retreat meeting room, temple... Not included: travel, transportation, accommodations, food)

I am writing subject to change because it needs to be very clear from the beginning that the program will be adjusted if a more beneficial structure arises. And to be very clear from the inception that this is not an ordinary program, it is a spiritual awakening process and this awakening is a spiral of consciousness, rather than a linear process.

That is also why more information is not being provided at this time about the details of what will be covered or even what you will receive from it.

The first step of this Ascended Mastery program is for you to determine with the information that you have if you are choosing to enter into this commitment (another way to say this is do you have a soul agreement/choice to enter into this sacred partnership? Have you set up this exact circumstance to reclaim your Ascended Mastery?)

Please go within and meditate with your inner guidance and your soul’s connection to me, and the Akashic records and see if you have a soul agreement/choice to participate in the Ascended Mastery Academy.

If you have a clear yes to follow the energy of this direct apprenticeship with me Thoth, you are invited to apply by writing me a letter and sending it below within the next 7 days. The subject of this letter is up to you. Yet it represents your application and commitment to joining Thoth’s Ascended Mastery Academy. Once your letter is received I will write back to you directly via your Divine Transmitter Danielle.

With Akashic Records Divinity Codes,


P.S. Every minute of this apprenticeship is direct with me Thoth and the other Ascended Masters. Please address all communications directly to us as your recognition of our direct connection.

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