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Things are changing are you?

Tips to get the most out of 2011

As we move more into the “game changing” year of 2011 we are being invited to align more fully with what is true for us, what we long for and what we are designed for. In short our purpose. So depending on how congruent or incongruent you feel with your purpose you may be feeling amazing or you may be feeling crummy or perhaps somewhere in between.

The great news is that energetically this year is filled with immense support and opportunities to breakthrough to not only reaching your goals, but also surpassing them. Here is what I am feeling from the energetic realms, and some tips to getting the most out of these energies. First of all the divine feminine energy is flooding onto and from within the earth and this is juicing things up in a really lovely way and we can see this influence in collaborative relationships, intuitive endeavors and a surplus of potential resources. With all of this divine feminine energy that is available it is even more important to have structures in place, the energy of the divine masculine, providing this feminine, yin energy a place to flow through and into.

So let’s chunk these concepts down into an example of how to take advantage of these energies and change with them. With the divine feminine energy intuition is enhanced, meaning inspiration, new ideas, innovative and creative projects will come to the forefront. Yet with the influx of tons of possibilities the masculine energy of making laser like decisions and taking inspired action is essential. This is what I like to call the Divine Feminine Fire (this months group session topic); it is a mixture of the yummy feminine energies and the laser like power of the masculine. In a sense it is a merging of masculine and feminine so they are no longer separate, symbolic of everything moving into unity consciousness. This is calling forth new ways of being, so you can move forward with collaborative confidence, graceful power and loving action.

If you tend to be highly intuitive yet have difficulty making decisions~ incorporate what I like to call the practice of Know and Go. You are definitely getting the intuition (maybe so much you feel overwhelmed, confused, without direction) and your task is to chose something and then implement it. The intuitive part Knows and then you build the practice of just choosing something, just going with it. Then you can allow the universe to give you feedback and adjust as necessary. Start with small things like what you want to eat, or what you want to wear or which way to drive to the store and then move onto to bigger things.

Things are accelerating and this process of Know and Go is an essential key to living in the accelerated energies with ease and grace.
Now if you tend to be very action oriented and are comfortable making decisions, yet you are feeling uninspired, or over busy, or  ‘yanged out’ (running around doing, doing, doing, yet feel like a hamster on the wheel) then your task is to allow the divine feminine to have a place at your table. Incorporate a few moments before you begin any task to take some deep breaths, get centered and ask for divine inspiration, divine guidance, and then incorporate this information into action. Spend time being, dreaming, meditating, relaxing, waiting and also visualizing that which you are choosing to create. Enhancing the pleasure and joy you experience as you are moving through your day will increase your magnetism and allow your life to be filled with a lot more ease and grace.

Times are changing and it is important to adapt and change too. This year has the potential to truly be magnificent and I would love to have the opportunity to support you in creating the life you imagined. For details on what I am up to go to www.divinetransmissions.com.

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