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There is more to be had in what you already have

Part of the shift in consciousness that is occurring on the earth plane is restoring right relationship to that which has been out of balance.  With this re-harmonizing there is an invitation to return to enjoying what is, rather than a continual focus on what could be.

There is much more to be had in what you already have.  This includes your current relationships, work, home and finances.

  • How can you become more conscious and present with what you already have?
  • What would happen if you shifted your attention from trying to acquire more and new and better to getting a deeper level of fulfillment out of what is already in your life?

By focusing on and occupying fully the space you are in, it allows you to experience more joy now, more happiness now, rather than putting your happiness and joy off into the future like retirement or a future change in your external life.

This months Divine Transmission is to fully embody your life as is.  The first step is to energetically imagine you are fully present in every aspect of your life.

Mediation Practice
A possible meditation practice to support this is to spend a few minutes breathing into every inch of your body being present with your body…

  • Connect to your heart and breathe into your heart.
  • From your heart space set your intention to connect to your soul and your source, allow this connection to build until it feels strong.
  • See if your soul/source connection has a color or a texture or a symbol.
  • Now visualize this color or symbol of your essence overflowing into all areas of your life. Visualize this color in your relationships, your ‘work’, your health, your finances, your house…
  • When this feels complete bring your attention back to your heart and back to breathing into every area of your body.

On the physical plane ask yourself if there are any areas of your life that you are not fully present in? Or that could benefit from your attention? This could mean being more organized, de-cluttering, having systems in place so you are exquisitely taking care of yourself.  Or perhaps there is a desire to spend more time with the people in your life.

There may be a disconnect between you and your current life that is actually preventing you from moving forward into your greater yet to be. Now the focus of this article is to enhance your life experience now without anything changing, yet with that being said, an important step to manifesting is that the experience of something new is a natural next step.  So by enjoying what is available with what you currently have, you are positioned to expand into more.  And in the meantime you experience a greater quality of life.

I invite you to take exquisite care of everything in your life as is and see what develops from this process.  Notice if anything isn’t thriving in your life and pay some attention to it.

Let me know how this process unfolds for you.

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