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The Temples of Light Special Promotion

Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman, is being offered, along with $3000 in bonus gifts, beginning on December 8th at 12:01 am.

We invite you to visit – www.thetemplesoflight.com/promotion and then click on the “order” link, order the book on Amazon and return to the promotional page. Enter your name and email address to reach the bonus page. The bonuses are not available until December 8th.

Take a quick peak inside at the table of contents. This book is overflowing with meditations, rituals and exercises to support your happiness, health, prosperity and inner peace.

Table of Contents
By Nicki Scully

Preface: How This Material Came into Being
Introduction: Journey of Renewal into the Open Heart
How to Use This Book
Invocation and Intention
Heart Expansion Ascension Spiral
Become the Open Heart

1. Memphis—Empowerment
• Written Exercise: Remembering
• Spoken Exercise: Owning and Honoring Your Story
Journey to Memphis 1: The Offering
• Written Exercise: Scribing Your Journey
Journey to Memphis 2: Initiation to Awaken Your Direct Access

2. Sakkara—Sacred Symbology
Journey to Sakkara 1: Ignite Your Birthright of Unlimited Abundance
• Breathing Exercise: Navel Breathing to Connect with Your Ka
• Drawing Exercise: Drawing the Pyramid Texts
Journey to Sakkara 2: Awaken your Gift of Symbology
• Written Exercise: Explore the Symbols of Your Life
• Breathing Exercise: Integrate the Teachings of Sakkara

3. Abydos—Fully Engage into Life
• Drawing Exercise: Tracing the Flower of Life
• Physical Exercise: Third Eye and Pineal Gland
Journey to Abydos 1: The Flower of Life Initiation
• Physical Exercises: Warming up the Spine in Preparation for Raising the Djed
Journey to Abydos 2: Raising the Djed
• Written Exercise: Recording Your Abydos Experience
Short Form of the Abydos Journeys

4. The Sphinx—Infinity Download
Journey to the Sphinx 1: Wisdom to Support Your Journey
Journey to the Sphinx 2: Infinity Download
• Written Exercise: Sacred Knowledge of Yourself

5. The Great Pyramid—Cosmic Oneness
• Breathing Exercise: Breathe with the Pyramid
The Great Pyramid Initiation: Oneness Wisdom

6. Philae—Divine Love
Philae Sound Current Initiation: Pure Love Consciousness
Journey to Philae: Awaken Your Brilliant System
• Breathing Exercise: Working with Philae and Pure Love Consciousness

7. Kom Ombo—Neutral Energy
Journey to Kom Ombo: Neutral Energy
Kom Ombo Initiation: A Daily Practice for Living from the Heart
A Short Version of the Heart-Opening Practice

Inner Temple Ascension Spiral
Manifest Your Essence

8. Dendera—Instinctual Bliss
• An Imaginative Exercise: Disintegrating Fear
Dendera Initiation: Activate Instinctual Bliss
• Written Exercise: Make a Joy List

9. Elephantine Island—Soul Evolution
• Written Exercise: Your Top Five Repetitive Patterns
Journey to Elephantine Island: Soul Evolution
• Written Exercise: Create Your Preferred Experience

10. Karnak—Inner Resonance
Journey to the Sacred Lake at Karnak: Signature Energy and Purpose
• Written Exercise: Your Signature Energy and Purpose
Journey to Karnak: Hunting Down the Vibratory Match

11. Abu Simbel—Divine Mind
• Energetic Exercise: Working with the Sahu
Journey to Abu Simbel: Awaken Your Sahu and the Divine Mind

12. Luxor Temple—Osiris Awakened
• Written Exercise: Identifying Patterns of Sleepwalking
• Written Exercise: Awakening Multidimensionality
Luxor Temple Initiation: Awaken Your Multidimensionality
• Breathing Exercise: Seal Your Luxor Initiation

13. St. Catherine’s Star Gate—Rhythmic Peace
St. Catherine’s Star Gate Initiation: Choosing Peace

14. The Living Temple—Conscious Choice
• A Choosing Exercise: Engaging Your Free Will

Appendix. Temples of Light Benefits
Glossary of Terms
Resources—Additional Mystery School Products and Services
Further Reading
How to use the CD Included with This Book

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