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The Power of Proxy

Danielle-ThothA lot of the work I do in Divine Transmissions is done remotely or from a distance. This means I am located in Seattle or France or Egypt…and my clients are all over the world.

Some transmissions, like the Energy Support Program, are done completely on the energetic planes with no set time or location. The energy support is sent to the client and created with their higher self.

Other transmissions are recorded and an audio or video is sent to the client to listen to at their convenience or purchased after they have occurred through home study. Or perhaps written and published in a book or a newsletter.

Some transmissions are offered in a virtual location, like a tele-conference at a certain time and place. In this case some of the participants are on the call live and others participate the first time through bi-location (in spirit) and then listen to the recording at a later time.

This way of working is incredibly powerful, innovative and allows Divine Transmissions to support a global community.

Yet for some it may be a new concept so I wanted to take the time to share a little bit about how it works for me and why I think it is so powerful. Back in 1994, when I first took a Reiki class, we were taught to send healing long distance. Think of a person and use certain techniques to send the healing to them either across the planet or across the room. One technique included using a teddy bear or our own body as a proxy for the client we were working on.

In other healing modalities, I was taught to give initiations to one person in the room or on a stage as the proxy for 100’s of people who were also receiving the initiation.

I had many sessions that I did in person, on the phone, remotely, each having there own purpose and resonance…Then I had a session with an amazing psychic who also works with Thoth who shared with me that Thoth wanted to teach me how to do body readings. I then began to work with Thoth and do body readings (reading someone’s energy and sharing details about it and healing). This then evolved into group sessions that could be bi-located to and shared using all of the techniques above.

For me it began to be second nature, so much so I didn’t realize that I had become adept at it until my mom asked me how I did it. We were in Egypt driving to Sakkara Temple and I was sitting in the front row of the bus with the group of people on the tour sitting behind me (most of whom I had just met the day before). I connected to Thoth and then offered an in-depth body reading to each of the participants, some including details I could have never known. My mom was like how did you do that, you don’t know these people. To which I responded, for me I don’t need to have met the person, have a picture of them, or even be in the same location to send them healing. In fact sometimes it is even easier for me if we aren’t in the same location.

D7.2.13I asked Thoth about this and he shared about the potency of this process that when the person participates the first time in spirit (by proxy or bi-location) it is like meat tenderizer, it prepares their system to receive even more from it. Then when they receive it or listen to it or watch it later they are able to receive another level of what is possible.

My sense too is that in these changing times we are being called to use innovative techniques that address our multidimensionality, our wholeness. That by being addressed in our wholeness more of who we are is addressed and seen. This process goes beyond the body, mind or emotions to include the entirety of the person.

There is much evidence to support the power of this type of work, yet to me the best evidence is personal experience. Try it for yourself and experience the benefits first hand.

I am very excited to take this evolution of remote transmissions to the next level of physical/energetic through the Pilgrimage by Surrogate program. This takes a spin I haven’t done remotely before (although I have done it in person and it has been phenomenal), which is me moving my body and transmitting at the same time and sending it energetically.

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