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The Power of Decisions

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The power of our free will and our capacity to make decisions truly has a quantum impact on our quality of life. Being confused, second guessing and doubting oneself can be an energy drain.

I know for myself when I truly mastered the art of making decisions my income quadrupled, I got a lot more done and I was happier. I used to think about things for 2 years before implementing them. And I also would think about every possible option in any situation and would spin my wheels lying in bed at night. It was exhausting.

Now I know and go, meaning I get the guidance and I implement it. This one step has truly changed my life. That’s why I included this list of steps to follow when making a decision.

Check it out and decide what might work for you.

  1. Decide that making the decision is going to come easily.
  2. Position yourself in an environment that supports clarity. Some of my best decisions have come to me in the shower, during a run, after waking up from sleeping, in meditation. Usually doing something repetitive is an awesome environment to generate clarity.
  3. Ask yourself what do you really want. Often our decisions impact others, and since you are probably quite psychic it may be easier to know what someone close to you would like and to confuse this as what you would like as well. I suggest when you are making a decision to ask yourself what it is that you would like and ‘double’ check it by asking is this mine or someone else’s?
  4. Trust that what you get is the right next step. Sometimes when you think the decision you make will be permanent you become paralyzed. Remember you can always make another choice or adjust as you go if you would like to.
  5. Try something. Sometimes moving forward even if you aren’t totally clear will garner more information than simply thinking about something for another year. You will always learn more from trying something than thinking about it.
  6. Have fun with it. Coming into a decision making process from a place of lightness and joy will put you in a beautiful state to receive clarity.
  7. Don’t untie your shoe and then retie it over and over. One thing I see quite frequently with my clients is that they decide something and then all the reasons they think they can’t do it come to the surface and then they un-decide it. This is like wanting to go for a walk and tying your shoe and then untying it and retying it and untying it and retying it and untying it. You get the point.

I hope you enjoyed these decision-making tips. I am sending you good energy for all your upcoming choices.

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