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This is the panel of Money; we are stepping forward as a group of light beings to share information and vibrations about the life enhancing, purpose supporting energy of Money. Money has had a certain reputation in the past and we are here to provide current and updated information about who Money is right now so you can create a fresh relationship to Money.

There is great change occurring, as you know within you and all around you. An essential part of this change (from our perspective) is in relationship to re-sources, becoming re-sourced. Money is energy, Money is a current, Money is a vibration, Money is light, Money is flow, and Money is an essential part of the shift in consciousness on the planet.

The old systems around money have fallen; the new ones have formed and are becoming visible. Each person is left with a choice to stay in the old or move into the new. The Money Muse: a three-part conversation with the divine about Money, is a bridge to the new. It is designed for those beings that have been asking for it. It is in response to the call that we have heard from beings on planet earth, who feel that something new is coming; who know that change is on the horizon.

It is easy for us to provide this information for we are coming from a vantage point that is beyond time and space. Yet the information will include a vibrational transmission that will shift your current relationship to money to a new One and also practical tools along the way.

  • It will be fun, it will be light and we invite you to join us for this three part series.
  • This conversation is a series of three MP3 recordings (70 minutes each)
  • We guide you step by step into a new relationship with Money.

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Essential aspects to your new relationship with money are:
1. Unleashing your purpose

2. Transcending illusions based in scarcity consciousness

3. Receiving out of the box support to anchor you in the new energies of Money

Once you purchase this program you will immediately receive access to the recordings to listen to at your convenience.


The loving, life enhancing, purpose championing energy of Money!

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