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THE Harmonizer: Energy Support Program

Are you ready to complete your unresolved issues?
Would you like to align your life with your purpose and desires?

If your answer is yes, I want to tell you about a program that is truly unprecedented. I was guided to create an energy support program called THE HARMONIZER, and I am thrilled to share the results people have experienced. 

“After years of being in debt I was debt free within the first 90 days in the Harmonizer and am still out of debt a year later and counting.” Sahaj, Kent WA

“This year in the Harmonizer has been big.  I completed childhood issues, cleaned up health issues and began following my dream to make a spiritual movie.” Evelyn, Edmonds, WA

If you are looking to increase your success in your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual life THE HARMONIZER can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

THE HARMONIZER is a long distance energy support program that works with your higher self and energy systems 24 hours a day to assist you in holding a higher frequency or vibration.  Moving into and living from a higher vibration encourages your system to complete unresolved, deep, negative patterns.  This changes your energy to be compatible with the high frequency of your dreams, happiness, wealth and fulfillment.  Like attracts like and your good is magnetized into your life.

“After 10 years of being separated from my husband I completed the relationship legally and energetically by getting divorced.  When I started the Harmonizer I was depressed.  I still have my ups and downs yet I don’t feel depressed anymore.”  Courtney, Edmonds WA “

“After 15 years of writing a book, I am in the final editing stages” Kelly, Seattle WA

“After 6 months in the Harmonizer I had the courage to leave my job, home and long term relationship which weren’t in alignment with my heart’s desire to travel around the world.” Kiva, the world
“The Harmonizer turned up the volume on the things that were not working in my life, motivating me to change and helping me to snap back from traumatic experiences more quickly.  This has been such a challenging time for me, I just feel like the Harmonizer has supported me through it all.”
Amy Seattle, WA

THE HARMONIZER is a unified, high vibratory field of energy that is created for you to entrain to and be immersed in.  THE HARMONIZER encourages your system to align with and embody wholeness. Stored traumas, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and habits that aren’t aligned with wholeness accelerate to a place of completion. THE HARMONIZER also increases your ability to remain neutral as your life naturally expands and contracts.   Your dreams, purpose and desires gain priority and manifest.

“When I started the Harmonizer I felt disconnected from my husband. The Harmonizer helped me hold steady in love and a high vibration and now we have a renewed sense of closeness that is remarkable.” Irene Seattle, WA

“After a decade of working without a vacation I took two weeks off and went to Egypt” Joan Seattle, WA

 “After years of procrastination I now have laser focus to dedicate to my purpose.” Lynn, Seattle, WA

“I am able to stay calm and positive even in the midst of chaos.” Jamie, Seattle, WA.

“I went back to school, quit my job and am now working in a career I love.” Teri, Seattle WA.

“My life pattern has been to be in control, I surrendered this past year and learned to trust myself, the divine and the universe.  Amazing things are happening in my life as a result” Tatianna, Seattle WA

Because THE HARMONIZER is a long distance energy support program you do not need to be physically present or available during the set up time, maintenance or upgrades.  Payment is 90dollars every 90days for 4 quarters by Visa or MasterCard.  You can cancel in writing before the next 90day period begins. THE HARMONIZER is a great gift and is ideal for loved ones, or for people who would like to break-though repetitive patterns and create the life they imagined.  

To sign up go to https://www.divinetransmissions.com/harmonizer-services.html.  On the first of the month I go into a deep meditative state and connect to your higher self and work with you energetically to create your HARMONIZER.  A combination of prayer, intention, energy work; sacred geometry and sound are used to custom build your HARMONIZER.  Every day your HARMONIZER is energized and nourished.

For more information see email or call me.
I hope to support you on a daily basis through THE HARMONIZER.
With gratitude and blessings
Danielle Rama
(206) 323-2762
www.egyptiscalling.com, www.divinetransmissions.com

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