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The Gift of Empathy

Empathy! (Blackboard; Psychology)

Do you ever have the feeling that if you were to look up the words empathic, sensitive, intuitive in the dictionary that your name would be the definition? Has your gift of empathy also been one of your biggest challenges?

Well it has been for me. I can remember as early as 3 years old having an awareness of what others were feeling [empathy], especially their challenging emotions and experiences. I started interning for a 24hour crisis hotline when I was 17 and continued this through college. My first job was as a counselor and shelter manager at the YWCA for battered woman. My empathic nature allowed me to help others in a very profound and deep way and at the same time left me completely overwhelmed, scattered and emotional.

I tried to numb out from these emotions by sleeping, drinking, relationships…yet these strategies never lasted for long or even made things worse. Long story short I went to massage school, learned energy healing and have spent a lot of practice and focus on shifting my biggest challenge of over-sensitivity and hyper-intuition into my greatest gifts.

Now I have the distinct pleasure of supporting others in shifting their greatest challenges into their greatest gifts and expressing what it is that they came here for. In this process I often see my clients empathic natures being what stops them from moving forward and creating the life they want. They may have walls created in order to have a sense of personal space, yet that also often keeps out what they want most: love, money, sharing their purpose…

One of the tools that I have used that has helped me the most is amping up my signature energy, occupying my space and making the choice to be me full out. Here is a brief audio meditation I have shared in previous newsletters to help with this energetic amplification and being you more fully.

Listen Here 

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If you would like more support with this I invite you to join the Evolution Matrix on September 22, which is designed to support your system in becoming current with you. This energy calibration program nourishes your system so you can complete any overlays, projections, limiting beliefs that are not yours that you may be carrying for others. Or which may be outdated. This program also supports you to amplify your signature energy.

All is well and you are All.

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