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The Emerald Ray~The You Ray


This is The Council of Light that is moving to the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are a group of intergalactic light beings that have gathered to enhance joy and therefore your health, wealth and happiness (if that is your choice). Some of the tools that we offer to enhance joy are the Rays of Light. The Emerald Ray is the Ray of Light that is equivalent to the You Ray. Meaning that you can utilize the Emerald Ray to support you in being you and only you. It may seem odd to think that it is possible to not be you for who else could you be. Yet what is meant by being you and only you is also including in your you-ness your infinite nature, your divine being-ness and your wholeness. Including all of you.

This also means that anything that you are holding that is not uniquely you or yours gets included back into the wholeness, back into the oneness, back into the source from which it came. It is subtle yet there are dozens of thoughts that you think on a regular basis which aren’t even yours, they are passed down to you through the collective consciousness, your family, your society and so on. As well there are many patterns as well that you have that aren’t you or yours. What in your life are you doing, saying or enforcing that isn’t actually you or yours? You can simply call upon the Emerald Ray to enhance you being you and as your signature energy and that which you are expands so does your joy and your health, wealth and happiness. This is the consciousness that is evolving at this time.

In fact you being you is one of the best tips we can offer you at this time to evolve in consciousness, to take a quantum leap into oneness. For the time of tribal consciousness is over, meaning that actually what is required in the changing times is for you to be in tune with who it is that you are, what you are up to in this lifetime and what you are choosing. Not to simply live your life based on what others are doing o r would like for you to do as well. This is the joy and the light of all there is. This is the joy and the light of all there is. This is the joy and the light of all there is.

Emerald Ray Initiation: Be YOU

To begin this initiation go within your essence by taking a few deep breaths and align with your consciousness. As you dive more deeply into you have an awareness of your choice and engage your conscious choice to see if you are choosing to be you. If you are choosing to be you, say yes I choose to be me and only me. Now call upon The Emerald Ray, you may imagine an emerald colored light being made available to you or you may have a physical awareness of this Ray of Light, or simply know that it is there. Now direct the Emerald Ray to amplify your energy and as your energy is amplified have the awareness of anything that isn’t you being included back into the wholeness into the oneness. You may have a specific awareness of what is being included or simply notice a lightness happening.

        As this continues call upon that which is uniquely you and yours and perceive that your signature energy, your infinite nature is pulsating more and that this pulse expands your connection to you. As your connection to you expands so does your awareness of what is you and yours. What your preferences are, what your choices are and what is uniquely you and yours. Take a few more minutes with this process vibing with the Emerald Ray and noticing that which isn’t you being absorbed and that which is you being amplified… When you feel complete thank yourself and the Emerald Ray and take a few deep breaths and stretch in any direction you feel called. Know that you are reentering into your day as you.

We hope that you have enjoyed this transmission. Please know that we, The Council of Light are available to assist you on your journey if you would like to call upon us. You can also continue to connect to the Emerald Ray if you choose. All is well and you are all.

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