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Awaken The Divine Within

Are you living a Divine Life?

One of core shifts that is occurring on the planet at this time is that we have the opportunity to awaken to the Divine within. To embody the knowingness that we are Source, God, Spirit, Divinity, Goddess, Infinite Oneness, All that is. With this awakening is the empowered experience of being creator beings, in a state of bliss, abundance and self-union.

Yet how do we awaken the Divine within? Especially when we may feel the opposite of the above Divine Birthrights-powerlessness, fear, stress, worry and lack. How do we step through the doorways of these illusions into our Divine knowingness?

Here are two simple steps to shift your energy from Divine Separation to Divine Union.

1. Conscious Choice-State the following declarations out loud

“I create my reality, I have the power to change it.”

“I activate my Divinity codes now.”

“I choose all my thoughts, feelings and actions to emanate from Unity Consciousness.”

2. Energy Shift-Stand up and do these exercises while breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. (From Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine)

• Tap gently below your collar bone on both sides of your body, 30 seconds.

• Tap on your breast bone for approximately 30 seconds.

• Tap on your lower ribs (on top of liver and spleen) for about 30 seconds.

• Cross/Crawl-Bring your right hand to your left knee and then your left hand to your right knee for about 30 seconds.

• Complete this Energy Shift with 3 deep breaths.

Then repeat as necessary.

As we transition from separation consciousness (struggle, fear, worry…) to unity consciousness (ease, peace of mind, trust) it is normal for both ways of being to be active simultaneously. Yet it is essential to dismantle the old ways of being and fully become congruent with the embodiment of your spiritual beliefs. That is why I have created several ways to support you in your Shift Into Unity.

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