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Temple of Kom Ombo

Excerpt and Free Guided Meditation for Neutrality and Optimal Functioning

Enjoy this excerpt and guided meditation from the book The Temples of Light: An Initiatory Journey into the Heart-Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools and The Temples of Light Initiations 6 CD Set, by Danielle Rama Hoffman and receive support to move into greater states of neutrality as life naturally expands and contracts.

Chapter 7

Temple Of Kom Ombo: Neutral Energy

Kom Ombo is nestled on the Nile approximately thirty miles North of Aswan. This temple is unusual in that it was built for two gods, Sobek, the crocodile god; and Horus, the hawk. This atypical double temple has two of everything—two halls, two courts, two sanctuaries, two rooms. 1 The South side was built for Sobek, who represents the dark, the yin, ‘the negative’; and the north, for Horus, who represents the light, the yang and ‘the positive’. Reflective of this duality, Sobek’s and Horus’ sides of the temple, are in perfect balance, housing yin and yang in harmony. The longitudinal line along the main axis of the temple where the two sides of the positive and negative charges meet is perfectly symmetrical and creates a unified field of neutrality (see plates 14 and 15).

Moving from duality into the ascended consciousness of neutrality is a key component of the paradigm shift of consciousness from the dismembered self to the fully remembered open heart. Your journey to the Temple of Light of Kom Ombo will help you develop this center of neutrality within yourself. At Kom Ombo you connect to the beginning when everything was unified, divine, and in wholeness. At that time light and dark, up and down, before and after were unified as one. The origin of everything in the universe is Source. A physical object like a chair is a form of source vibrating at a slower frequency then the idea of a chair, but form is still source.

Each person, place, or thing vibrates in a complex pattern that is a unique conglomerate of frequencies. Within your body various organs and body parts vibrate at varying speeds as well. For example, your heart has a different frequency pattern from your big toe. For each part of your being there is an optimal frequency. A disease or illness is a manifestation of deviation from this optimal frequency.


Kom Ombo houses the negative pole and the positive pole within the same ley line. Where the poles merge, the original frequency of source is restored in its whole form. When you go to Kom Ombo you can return to an advanced stage of your wholeness as source energy, enabling the parts of your body to entrain to all of their ideal frequencies and resonance. It is a recalibration…

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Journey to Kom Ombo: Neutral Energy (13 minutes)


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