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This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission, joined by the Golden Star Gate and Metatron. As the Earth Star awakens her light and love bodies the vibration of multidimensionality becomes more accessible. Transporting Earth into communion with other galaxies, pockets of consciousness and luminous light. As a result, vibrations that previously cancelled one another out, can now exist in the same atmosphere. This transmission is dedicated to accessing a Tablet of Light that resides in France that was brought there in a previous lifetime where Danielle guided those to travel to France from off planet through their light bodies carrying consciousness.

It is now time to turn on this Tablet of Light and your contribution to the illuminating of the tablet is requested, if you choose. Imagine that you are connected simultaneously to where this transmission is “physically” being radiated from and where you are “physically” located and reading it. This focus allows you to bi-locate to France for this transmission. It also expands your awareness of physical as energetic.

Have an awareness of a pocket of consciousness that resides underneath the chapel of St. Salvayre in Alet-Les-Bains, a chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene that is an ancient temple of Isis. As you bring your awareness below the chapel into the Earth there resides a Tablet of Light in the form of a crystalline egg. This Tablet of Light has been resting dormant in this very special place until this moment. Take a few breaths and if you choose access an inner key that you have been carrying with you for exactly this moment. It is not random that you are reading this transmission. It is not random at all. As this inner key that you carry is accessed and all the inner keys of the others that are reading this are accessed you are invited to place it on the altar of the heart. Gifting it to this Tablet of Light for the purpose of turning it on as a beacon of consciousness.

Imagine that all these keys of light are dancing around the crystalline egg and now light language begins to take form on the egg. The Tablet of Light is now activated, thanks to your contribution. The Tablet of Light is one in which there is much that has been stored. It is a highly concentrated consciousness grid that is now illuminating in streams of light that are radiating out into the light grids around this sacred chapel. The Tablet of Light is about living from your essence. Your essence. Your essence, that which makes you uniquely you. As this invitation to live from the essence is now being broadcasted throughout the Earth Star through the ley lines there is a dropping of old ways of being and an illuminating of truth codes.

The key that you have carried is now being placed back on the altar for you to pick up again if you choose. As you pick it up have an awareness of the false facades that have covered your essence no longer being needed and that you have the choice to drop them or not. If you choose to drop your facades, then your essence gets turned on even more fully. By your essence we mean you as a Divine Being, an Infinite Being with a unique signature energy, gifts and contributions. Take as much time with this illumination process as you would like.

As you are ready, bring your awareness from this Tablet of Light in France back to your environment. Become aware of the ley lines around where you are as you are reading this having been enhanced through this experience. Your contribution to illuminating this Tablet of Light is greatly appreciated. Notice your essence as you move forward in this day. Your essence is divine.

All is light and you are all,

Thoth, Golden Star Gate, Metatron

gold-dividerThis 90-day Divine Light Activation Bi-Location Program is held simultaneously in Southern France, where the tablets of light and inter-dimensional causeways of communication reside in the land, sea and stars and wherever you are in the world. You participate through your light and love bodies from the comfort of your home, while Danielle transmits the activations while she is physically in France. LEARN MORE 

Divine Light Activation

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