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Spiral Beyond Your Comfort Zone

You can’t get here (Unity Consciousness) from there (Separation Consciousness) Thoth

Have you contemplated what exists beyond the borders of your comfort zone?

Do you have a plan to get you there?

ThothWe (the Divine Transmissions team of Light Beings) want to speak with you today about a very important concept of consciousness and that is awareness. You are an aware being so much that you are aware that if you remain within your “comfort zone” doing and being about the same as you are currently that you will be creating your default future which is about the same as you have now give or take 10%. This comfort zone and this default future have been created during what we call separation consciousness (lack, survival & fitting in) under the illusion that it will keep you safe and alive. That staying within these self-created borders is what will allow you to continue to survive.

Within your comfort zone you have ways of thinking that are repetitive, maybe these are negative thoughts about yourself, or others, or that you can’t create more than you currently have. This comfort zone has patterns of behavior that rule the borders of it so that you stay well within the norm. Including patterns of playing small, of hiding out, of approval seeking, of caring more about what others think than you care about what you think. All of which keep you stuck in surviving and in a sensation of a nebulous fear. Perhaps you have identified a core inner conflict that you have that you want to share what you are here to more than anything and the more that you do the more you feel as if you are doing something wrong, that you might disappear, that you will be rejected, lose love, die….

Yet what is the cost of staying in the comfort zone? Usually what happens is that which you are trying to avoid actually is what you experience. You disappear by hiding out, procrastinating, not asking for what you want, not being visible in order to avoid being visible, so you can avoid being kicked out of the tribe, losing love, getting killed and disappearing.

The price of staying in the comfort zone is creating exactly what you are trying to avoid. If you get honest about this you can begin to identify it. If you are afraid of being killed than you probably have stopped living. If you are afraid of losing love than you probably have isolated or shut of from having love. If you are afraid of not having enough money to survive than you probably are only surviving not thriving.

Yet what if all of the internal messages that are so automatic within you were programmed there by you at a different time for a different era? What if your comfort zone is creating all of your discomfort? Would you choose to explore beyond their borders?

The time on Earth right now requires pioneers, leaders, explorers, visionaries, new thought leaders. You are someone who holds consciousness that is beyond the comfort zone. You are someone who has access to something that hasn’t been accessed before. And the way that you access you full out is beyond the comfort zone. It is by forgetting all that you have held as true thus far in your life. This is a dismantling process that actualizes what is to be by being beyond the known of the comfort zone.

And at the same time it is a process that is spiraled into. You can’t think yourself into the space in which your internal dilemma or inner conflict ceases to exist. You can’t act yourself out of the illusion of separation. Yet you can spiral beyond your comfort zone and once you are there remember that which you have known all along. This is the invitation that you are being gifted at this time. The space of magic, the space of infinite possibilities, the space of living you full out, the space of being engaged in life, the space of abundance, the space of multidimensional living, the space of being Sourced reside beyond the borders of your comfort zone.

Join Thoth and the Council of Light for a Beyond the Borders of Your Comfort Zone symposium this Friday. This Includes a 30 minute transmission to spiral beyond your comfort zone and 45 minutes of Thoth’s Office hours to answer questions about Thoth’s Magic Academy. The purpose of which is to support you to spiral beyond the borders of your comfort zone. To forget who it is that you thought you were so that you can be who it is that you actually are.

The magic you know to be true resides outside the borders of the known. Accessing what is already there yet not visible to you is a choice. Are you choosing to join us for this initiation of choice and light? If so, see you there.

Thoth and the Council of Light

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