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Souls Vibrating in Lower Dimensions

multidimensionalThank you to everyone who has submitted a question. Here is the one we have chosen to respond to this month.

Question: “Many human souls have taken a quantum leap forward in consciousness and are moving into higher dimensions, what will happen to those souls who are still vibrating in the lower dimensions, will there be a separation?”

Answer: This is a panel of Divine Light beings that is gathering in response to this question for it is multidimensional and multilayered. What we love about this question is what it provides an opportunity for us to highlight which is a thread that resides underneath the question more for others than the being that has brought the question forward. Which is “If I take a quantum leap in consciousness, in wealth, in love, in happiness, ___________(fill in the blank), will I be leaving others behind?”
Any reason you are using to not be you and fully you is happening within you. Meaning that it isn’t possible to leave anyone behind because everyone is exactly where they choose to be, every time, every time (yup even those icky times). Plus what you do is up to you and occurs in your universe.
Here is a brief visualization exercise to provide a context to the original question and some relief to the question we have brought forward. Take a few moments and contemplate images that you have seen of your solar system, the sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, the Milky Way…as you do have a sense of you being a planet in a solar system. Simultaneously independent and interconnected. What you choose in your universe and on your planet occurs in the atmosphere that resides on your planet. Meaning on Earth there is gravity and oxygen so that is a part of the atmosphere on Earth. On Mars there is a different atmosphere so what is happening on Mars is within the context of its own environment. This is how we would invite you to see the shift in consciousness. That there are souls that are and have chosen a quantum leap in consciousness and are vibrating in multiple and higher dimensions and those that are choosing to vibrate in lower dimensions. Yet each exists in their own environment, their own universe.
Another way to visualize this multidimensional reality is to imagine that you who have chosen a quantum shift in consciousness and you are a 28-story building and you have access to 28 dimensions of consciousness. Another soul who has not chosen to access those dimensions is a 5-story building and has access to 5 stories or an elevator pass to 5 stories. These buildings are across the street from one another and have a sky bridge that connects them all. You who are operating with a pass for 5 stories or for 28 stories that are interconnected and communicating within those 5 stories and then you are also operating in more dimensions simultaneously yet there isn’t separation, there is always inclusion. You can be at your full height and still be connecting with others whether they are accessing more or less dimensions, you just do it in the dimensional space you have in common.
So the short answer is no there won’t be a separation. Separation is actually impossible anyway you slice it. It is the quintessential energy of the illusion based in separation consciousness. All is in a state of multidimensional wholeness. Enjoy being you full out, go for the dimensional vibration that is optimal for you and allow others the courtesy to be where they choose to be. There going to be there whether you accept it or not.

Thank you for this delightful question and to everyone who has submitted your question to Ask the Divine. Who knows maybe your question will be replied to next. And remember you are never separate from the answer it just may exist within a different dimension then our response. All is well and you are all.

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