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Soul Genealogy

This is the Council of Light that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission to discuss soul genealogy, the origin and lineage of your soul. You are familiar with your ancestral lineage and have most likely become aware of patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation. You have explored how your childhood is impacting your adulthood and how you share traits from your family members such as eye color or hair color.

Yet did you know that your soul also has a genealogy, a lineage, a family tree of sorts? That your incarnations are related to one another, they interact with one another and they often share traits with one another. Exploring your souls genealogy and having greater awareness of your souls themes across lifetimes can illuminate and simplify a lot for you in your current lifetime.

For example you may have had a series of lifetimes in which you were exploring the soul theme of empowerment. In these lifetimes you played out a variety of scenarios around giving away your power, taking power from others that have given it away, renouncing your power when something unexpected happened. This dance with power in this incarnation is one that if you really realized that was what you have been grappling with and mastering throughout lifetimes could change the rest of your life for the better.

Or you may have had a series of lifetimes around being a healer, or a spiritual leader, or a medicine man, or witch, or psychic or oracle and in each of these lifetimes your souls theme was to evolve consciousness. Yet depending on what happened in each lifetime you may have interpreted the outcome of that lifetime in a distorted way one in which led you to shut down your psychic abilities, or to go into hiding as the spiritual leader that you are to avoid persecution, over-responsibility, death…This lifetimes soul theme is about being visible for who you are.

Or you may have had a series of lifetimes in which you carried ancient wisdom and some of these lifetimes were very successful in that the wisdom was well received and transformed consciousness. And other lifetimes appeared to not be successful because you died while in the dessert carrying the wisdom. Or you hid it on the etheric planes and nobody ever found it. Or you shared the information and people who heard it didn’t like it and ostracized you. In this lifetime you may have a push pull around wanting to share this wisdom and wanting to stay alive. Your soul theme in this lifetime is around scribing the information that you still house within your soul. Yet every time you get close to doing it your fear comes up. This soul theme is about trusting yourself.

Having knowledge of and awareness of your past lives, your souls geology and your souls theme as they connect to this lifetime is invaluable. It provides a shorter way to being able to access who it is that you are and why it is that you are here. As well as you to transcend any repetitive patterns at the level of their root cause or lifetime they were conceived in. Plus you also get to access the gifts and talents from past lives, the wisdom gained from past incarnations and reconnect to your eternal nature.

Building a direct relationship with your soul and asking to remember your past lives are beautiful ways to get a further connection to your soul’s genealogy. Here is a brief exercise to help you do just that.

Guided Meditation: Accessing the Souls Genealogy

Bring your awareness into your body and specifically into a master cell at the base of the spine, at the coccyx. As you connect to the space at the bottom of your spine in this master cell ask to connect to your soul’s lineage, your soul’s genealogy. Allow your sensations and tune into a feeling tone of your soul, or perhaps any images or words that come forward…

         After some time allowing then ask to be brought into a past life that will most support you in knowing about at this time. One that will allow you to understand what is propelling you forward in this lifetime and perhaps one that is holding you back from accessing what you want. Take some time in the silence…

         Now ask to connect to the power of your soul’s genealogy, the support of your past incarnations, the wisdom and awareness of your eternal nature. Open up to receive energy, consciousness and access to your gifts and talents…

         To complete this guided meditation, breathe life force energy into the base of your spine and allow this to nourish your souls genealogy and soul theme…

This brief guided meditation was a process to allow you to connect more fully to your souls genealogy. If you would like support around understanding more about your past lives and how they relate to one another and this lifetime we invite you to explore joining us for a Pilgrimage by Surrogate, July 10-16, 2014


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