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What if your inner connection to your soul and spiritual nature was the way to remember your Divine wholeness?

Would you choose to participate in ancient energetic initiations to remember this inner truth?

How much more would be possible if you were accessing more of the energy of you?


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This Soul Connect Initiation is an invitation to take a stand for you. To choose being connected to your Soul-self as your top priority. To reclaim the infinite capabilities you have through amplifying your access points to your soul.

Your soul is waiting for you to reconnect. Your soul is inviting you to partner in this incarnation to be in a state of centered, empowered light expansion.

We, a band of consciousness of light beings and ascended masters will give these initiations. Our panel includes Thoth, The Council of Light, Lord Melchizadek, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Infinite Oneness, Isis and more.

There are many programs and courses we could offer at this time. Yet we know that this initiation program to connect to the soul is the one that would really make all the difference in your life moving forward.  The reason for this is that when you are connected, when you are centered, when you are in your groove of self-awareness all else that you desire must follow.

If you try to go after what you desire without this connection step, you may be going after it from a place of disconnection, dissatisfaction and this is not efficient.

We understand that what is required to truly reconnect to your soul, to your eternal nature, to your vastness is an intense series of initiations. This soul-connect initiation is a sequence of light, divinity codes, sound vibrations, color, transmitted and transcribed words in collaboration with your full participation that can create an extraordinary shift in the rest of your life.


What if this 5-day process was one in which you were giving thanks to you?

What if re-connecting to your soul is the change you are seeking?

      This is for you if…  
  • You have a chronic pattern that pulls you off balance
  • If you are tired of trying to change something outside of you and are ready to remember what you have within
  • If lately, your sense of feeling disconnected has gotten worse
  • If you would like to be able to navigate any situation with grace
  • You are willing to take a stand to be connected to yourself first (from within rather than based on your external situations)

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      Some of the “issues” you may be experiencing in your life that indicate that this may be what you have been seeking are…  

  • Feeling as if you give away your power to others
  • Self-deprecating thoughts, judging yourself and feeling a lack of confidence
  • Waking up dreading the day, that seems to be filled with only chores, and items of responsibility
  • Postponing any sense of fun until after you_____________________________.
  • Having an area of your life that whenever you think about it you feel bad (your love life, weight, finances, career, family, health…)
  • You are existing, surviving and getting by
  • Your desires when you get honest about them are based on survival and separation

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      What can shift for you in this program is:
      Human chakra system

  • Your capacity to stay in positive connection with your empowered self
  • A sense of levity and excitement in your amazing creative capacity
  • A solid foundation of Unity Consciousness
  • An access to your souls infinite wisdom and divine capacities
  • More moments of peace, centeredness, and confidence
  • Having what you desire spring forth from you being you
  • Turning on your inner capacities to choose and create
  • And much more


When you are connected to your soul, you become a force of nature, with momentum, creativity, 

possibility and direct awareness to God-Source-Self-Soul.

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What’s Included in this 5-Day Retreat?

  • 20 Soul Connect Initiations

Four, 18 minute + audio initiations each day. It is recommended that you listen to one every 4 hours with headphones if possible. For example, 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm or as your schedule permits.

  • 2, 60 Minute Jumpstart and Integration Audios: Day 1 & Day 5 
  • Download Page of All Audio Initiations
  • Have easy access to all of the information from your spiritual retreat so you can listen to it again whenever you would like.





    This initiation sequence is one in which we are not holding back at all. It will be pulsed over 5 days and we will use toning, light language, energy initiations, the spoken word and be connecting with your innate capacity to turn on! And live from this turned on space.

    Fasten your seat belts; blast off coming soon!

    Listen to this 12-minute Audio from Thoth about why this program will make all the difference for the rest of your life.

    Would you like to have some more information about how being disconnected to your Soul may currently be impacting your life?

    Read this message from Thoth…

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