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September Energy Trends

Energy Trends

This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. The purpose of which is to continue to follow the energy trends of 2017. As we are entering into the month of September, the 9th month of the year, there is a cumulative effect of the previous months that now creates exponential momentum. To utilize this momentum, you are invited to stream energy and consciousness inter-dimensionally (between dimensions).

            What is meant by this is that you are a multidimensional being, a Divine Creator Being and you are streaming energy in many dimensions of you simultaneously. September’s energy trends are an opportunity to gain momentum by focusing on the space and communication between dimensions. This is a bridge month.

            For example, if you tune into the dimensions of your body, mind and emotions, you would focus on the interdimensional communication between these facets of you. How does your mind interact with your body? How are your emotions communicating with your mind? What is happening in the spaces between your body, mind and emotions? Or if you bring your awareness to the chakras, that rather than focusing on one chakra you would focus on how they are interacting with one another or the space in between them. If you have a conflict between your head and your heart, then you would focus on the throat chakra to resolve this.    

            Bringing your awareness between the dimensions of all your communications this month will maximize the momentum of 2017. September marks an entry into the Earth’s stratosphere that opens up energies and frequencies from across the Multiverse. This is another aspect of what is meant by streaming energy and consciousness inter-dimensionally. As you are inter-dimensionally streaming this energy and consciousness you can be amplifying the light of all that there is in a way that amplifies energy.

            To bring this energy trend to a place of completion you are invited to take a few breaths from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet. Inhaling with your attention on the top of the head and exhaling down towards your feet. Allow the breath to be a stream of energy and consciousness that communicates between the dimensions of your body and creates greater momentum and ease.

            To support this month’s energy trend we are placing on the altar a guided audio meditation from The Temples of Light to Awaken Your Gift of Symbology.  Symbology is your capacity to read the energy of the synchronicities of your life. This is an example of amplifying interdimensional awareness. The space between the synchronicities in your life and your capacity to see them.

All is well and you we are all,




Journey to Sakkara 2

Awaken Your Gift of Symbology (20:37)



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