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Say YES to Life and Actualize Your Dreams


Have you said YES to life?

Are you actualizing the money, joy, fulfillment and divine connection you would like?

Let’s find out together in this powerful meditation.

Take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness into your root chakra at the base of your spine. As you breath into this area become aware of your choice to incarnate in this lifetime. You may have a sense of lightness, or hesitation or joy…just allow your sensations. Then ask yourself have I fully said YES to life? Am I embodying my full infinite potential? Take a few moments to receive your responses from deep within you. [Pause]

Now ask yourself am I actualizing all that I would like in my life? Am I bringing into form the money, love, joy, peace, fulfillment that I truly desire? Am I doing and being what I came here to be and do? Allow your sensations.

When this process feels complete simply bring your awareness back to your breath and your body, thanking yourself for taking the time to communicate on these levels.

Now that you have a bit more information from the internal realms about whether or not you are fully saying YES to life, lets explore this concept a bit further. The root chakra at the base of the spine is the energy center closely associated with safety, security and tribal consciousness. It is related to where, energetically, you first decide to move from pure energy form and your infinite nature into an incarnation or expression as a body and the being you know yourself as today. In the yogic traditions it is thought that the energy or essence of you then connects in at the root, specifically the perineum, anus, ankles and balls of the feet. That you become merged body and spirit.

Yet often what happens is that because this energy center has been so closely associated with safety and the tribal consciousness (separation consciousness) the YES to life gets muddied. Meaning that you incarnate, yet you are really trying to survive not really live. Energetically this also can show up in many who are on a spiritual path ignoring their body, wanting to have their head in the clouds, thinking that the best way to connect to the Divine in through the crown chakra.

Yet in actuality to truly inhabit your body and your life fully is the most amazing path to being all of you. What does this have to do with having what you would like in your life? Well when you go back and forth between saying yes to life and no to life and yes to life and no to life and being in your body and shutting down your energy you actually create a muddled signal to the universe. You aren’t able to bring from spirit into form that which you truly desire as you haven’t really brought yourself fully from spirit into form (as spirit and form are one).  Somewhere there is a disconnect.

To help with this I would recommend you really sit with this question are you choosing to say YES to life and if so, say it out loud “I say YES to life”. If not just be gentle with yourself. One quick thing you can try is to simply send back anything that you are holding that isn’t uniquely you or yours back to the source from which it came. Then ask yourself the question again and see if it is easier to move forward.

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Saying Yes to life is an essential ingredient to actualizing what you desire.

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