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Rites of Passage

rites of passageWith these changing times comes great change. It seems like most people I know right now are experiencing something life changing, a parent passing, a baby being born, a move, a new career, a health challenge (personally or someone close to them), surgery, divorce, new relationship, writing a book or creating a body of work, starting a business, kids going off to college, turning 50, 60, 75, retiring, going back to school…

And for some people several of these milestones in life are happening simultaneously. 2010 was a year like that for my husband, Friedemann and me. I turned 40, had a health challenge that clarified that we weren’t able to have kids and both of his parents transitioned. It was intense; life changing yet gave us the perspective and impetus to follow our dreams to spend more time i n nature, in France and doing the things that we love.

In ancient times there were ceremonies, rituals, and communal support to acknowledge transitions, celebrations and rites of passage. I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge a loss, a success or a transition in your life (even if it was decades ago or just yesterday).

In order to be who we truly are we must integrate and include that which we have experienced and been.

  •  Would you like support in being who you are full out?
  •  Or with honoring a rite of passage in your life?

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