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Power of Receiving

Before reading this, please take three deep breaths and focus on the inhalation, receiving the breath…

Did you know that your body has the capacity to receive in a way that is completely automatic? It receives oxygen, it receives nourishment, it receives sound and information all of the time.

That in fact your brilliant system is designed for you to receive and the power of receiving is a skill that enhances all areas of your life. Simply remembering how to receive, can increase your annual income significantly. It can increase your daily happiness, as well as your health. Really receiving is a powerful secret to generating the life you would like.

Take a moment right now and see if your capacity to receive is fully turned on. Do this by going within and asking and allowing yourself to receive this information and allow your sensations to guide you…

If it isn’t fully on, then you can know that for some benevolent reason you have decided it to be turned off or down. Perhaps you felt as if it would keep you safe from being indebted to others if you didn’t receive. Or perhaps you didn’t want to receive the negative with the positive so you put up blocks to receiving anything. Perhaps the collective consciousness has taught you that giving is more admirable than receiving.

Regardless of what has created the lack of receiving, you are at the core of it and therefore have the power to shift it. One easy way to open up to receive more is to tap into the receptive power of your body.

You can do this by consciously enjoying a beautiful experience with your body. A yummy meal, walk, bath, massage, orgasm, visiting a beautiful art exhibit or garden…

You can also use the breath to enhance your capacity to receive by focusing on creating the inhalation to be equal to the exhalation. Or you can ask your body what it would like to enjoy to enhance your receiving.

Regardless of what you choose, these simple steps to reconnect to your capacity to receive can open the floodgates to that which you haven’t been allowing to come in.

To complete this Divine Transmission go within and connect to your capacity to receive and your conscious choice and if you choose state out loud “I ignite my innate capacity to receive.” Then follow this statement with three more deep breaths…[Pause]

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