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Reach your goals in a fraction of the time!

Do you struggle to make decisions?

Do you spend years thinking about an idea before moving on it?

If so, you are not alone. Many highly gifted, spiritual and intuitive people stay in a holding pattern of overwhelm, procrastination and stagnation.

The problem is that the fear of making the wrong decision keeps you stuck, outweighing the inner call to get moving, to launch your idea, to create momentum, which ultimately would lead to the realization of your dreams.
The cost of not materializing your inner whispers, sharing your gifts and talents and deciding is high. For spiritual entrepreneurs it costs tens of thousands of dollars, years of struggle and ultimately not reaching the people you are here to support. For the visionary and leader in consciousness the cost is a deep sense of shame, purposelessness and failure for not stepping into the vision you have. For the personal growth enthusiast it truncates inner growth, transformation and accessing more of who you truly are. What is not deciding costing you?

The solution is to tap into the greatest resource you have, your inner guidance, your intuition and your direct knowing. Living a guidance based lifestyle and divining your decisions is one of the fastest ways to be fulfilled, on track with sharing your purpose and in alignment with being resourced (energetic, financially stout and joyous). It is also an innate ability that you have, a birthright.
The way that your inner guidance and direct knowing (ability to know in an instant what is highest and best good for you) works for you will be unique. It is a language that you begin to understand and identify. Like any relationship it takes attention to deepen and grow.

Divine Decisions is a particular formula that I follow in my business that I have developed over the years. Here is a behind the scenes peak of how it works for me. I work directly with my intuition and my Divine team of helpers, light beings and guides. I schedule regular meetings to dive into topics, questions and receive information in a variety of ways. At times it is very specific, in that I hear what to do next, a program name, an action step. At others it is more subtle where I have a sense that I have received information and an answer and that I will become conscious of that answer over a period of time. Yet what used to take me years to decide now takes a very short amount of time and the result is that I Divine my Decisions and I reach my goals in a fraction of the time and effort. This is something you can do as well. Here are a few tips to get started right away.
Key Steps to Divine Decisions and reach your goals in a fraction of the time (with ease and grace).  

  1. Pay attention to your sensations– Your direct knowing is already in communication with you. Take the time to understand the language your inner guidance is using to speak with you. Do you have a gut feeling or a visceral response? Do you hear an answer in your minds eye? Do you have an emotional response?
  2. Ask– Take the initiative in your meditation to ask the questions you have. Be open to receiving guidance. (Many spiritual folks wait for the guidance to come and it never does, take the lead and schedule in time and ask what you most want to know). Taking the initiative and being deliberate in your asking will support you in reaching your goals in a fraction of the time.
  3. Develop a relationship with your higher self, guides and the Divine– This is my number one strategy and reason for success. Take the time and learn the skills to develop a relationship with your higher self, your guides and the Divine. You are supported, you have a team of helpers, and you are the Divine. These relationships are an underutilized form of support, joy and guidance.
  4. Decide Something– There comes a time where deciding even if you are unsure is the best way to identify your best decision. Decide, allow the universe to provide you feedback, then adjust and decide again.

Bonus Tip– DECIDE to be or have that which you desire right here and right now. This decision is one of the most powerful wealths you have at your disposal. The value of the currency of your choice, your free will, your decision is at an all time high in the current energetic times we are in. Decide to be financially free, in a loving relationship, living your purpose…and feel the momentum of this decision far outweighing any experience you had in the past. The power of your decisions is vast. Utilize it and watch how divinely your life unfolds.

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