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Say Yes to Bring in Your Body of Work: A Quick Clearing Process to Open Up Possibilities


We know that for some of you 2014 is a year that you will create a project, book, business, program, art, DVD, movie…That you have a calling to create from a place of connection and that this body of work is what every moment in your life has been leading up to.

We also know that you know that if you choose to not create it you will be overriding a deep inner knowing that you have. Therefore we are providing some tips here to be able to make a choice to say yes to bringing in your body of work.

  1. Identify what block you have that is stopping you from doing it. Oftentimes there is some protective mechanism in place that looks like being distracted, procrastination or feeling like you don’t have enough time, energy or money. Once you are clear about the block before you go to bed ask and choose that while you are sleeping it gets cleared with ease and grace.
  2. Write down for 5 minutes what your life will be like if you do bring in this body of work and then write what your life will be like if you don’t bring in this body of work.
  3. Now go within and state out loud if you choose “I am a creator being and I choose to create from a place of connection”.
  4. Then just take small steps each day to making your dream a reality.

Would you like to have more support in bringing in a body of work from Source? Find out about Access Source Academy here.

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