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I am joyously gliding along the bliss slide of life after an incredible private 5-day Divine Birthright Activation Program, which I transmitted last week in Seattle. The response to this program was tremendous and sold out right away and now has a waiting list building for 2012. (If you want to receive priority notification about the next time I offer it, just email my team, with subject DBA list).

This program striking a chord with so many of you reconfirms my knowingness that there is a movement of beings that are choosing to live from unity consciousness, in divine union, and as the divine embodiment. And as such, access the birthrights of bliss, empowered manifestation, abundance, purpose and union as givens.

To support you in accessing your birthrights please enjoy the excerpt from the Divine Birthright Activation Program Manual below.

Also a quick sneak peak, I will be traveling to Sedona in October and Egypt in November and will have opportunities to join me remotely for both. See Sedona groups and Holographic Egypt below.

In the energy of PLAY and PURPOSE,


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Group Transmissions – Saturday, October 29

Group 1 – Sedona Revealed: A Portal Into Oneness: Various sacred sites (known and unknown) around the planet are coming forward to support the transformation of consciousness that is occurring on the Earth plane at this time. Sedona is one of them. This group transmission will include special bands of consciousness that support the full remembering of wholeness and full spectrum oneness and acceptance within…

Group 2 – Sedona Vortices: Boyton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock… Sedona is known for its red rock vortices, each represents different bands of consciousness and supports alignment with unique frequencies and qualities of energies. If you feel like you have been waiting for something to get on with your next steps, this transmission may be what you have been waiting for…

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Excerpt from The Divine Birthright Activation Manual by Danielle Rama Hoffman and the Divine Team.

Keys to Truth: Play, Well-being, Receiving

“We want to introduce the vibration of play. Play. This vibration is a key to unlocking your divine awareness. Please tune into the frequency of play; not your idea of what play is, rather the vibration of play as it is streaming through this manual at this moment. Life is play. Life is recess. Life is vacation. Life is fun. Life is a game.

…What we would like to illuminate at this point is that from your divine union as a creator-being you understand that it is all play. That one activity is not more play than another. It is all play; it is all energy that you are molding from the creative core of your being. Can you feel how much more relaxed and excited you are as you contemplate your life as play; all of your life? This gives you permission to be engaged from a high vibration of source energy in all areas of your life. It is just as thrilling to wash a dish as to go to work, as to paint, as to sleep, as to anything, from the eyes of self as divine. If you tune in, you realize that every moment, ordinary or extraordinary, is simply divine. Each moment is incredible, miraculous, a joy, a light, a vibratory trip or journey.

We are exploring the concept of life as play before going more deeply into your divine birthrights, so you can easily access this play memory and understand your life from this experience.

Now that it is all play (and you remember the vibration of play), what is it that you would create?… This manual is infused with the understanding that it is not the activity that creates the feeling-tone, it is the experience you have. The activity just happens to be occurring as well. This is a deep concept. You are used to thinking about your activities or your experiences as the gravy train of your emotions, meaning that when you experience math you feel good, when you experience science you feel bad. Whereas, from your divine experience, you can be in the feeling-tone of oneness, peace, bliss, and every experience is infused with these feeling-tones.

Can you see how this provides you with great freedom? It allows you to be present with your life and your self as it is and have the feeling-tone of it being play, of it being bliss. The feeling-tone is not dictated by the experience, the experience is expressed through the feeling-tone…”

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Holographic Egypt: November 22-December 6, 2011
Enjoy the benefits of a sojourn to Egypt from home

I would like to invite you to join me energetically on my next tour to Egypt. While in Egypt Nov. 22 – Dec. 6, 2011, I will bring your picture to the sacred sites we will visit, and energetically send you divine transmissions unique to you and your soul’s journey throughout the two week sojourn. The benefits of a journey of this magnitude are extraordinary.

Go here for more information.

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