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Pilgrimage by Surrogate

A man in a white shirt stunned beauty of the lakeHave you heard of the Latin phrase Solvitur Ambulando – “It is solved by walking” (attributed to St. Augustine)?
Being an avid hiker myself when I came across this phrase recently it deeply resonated with me. The clarity, joy and healing I receive from walking, taking pilgrimages to sacred sites and being in nature is profound.
Have you heard of the words surrogate or proxy? Meaning to appoint another as a replacement for oneself; a person authorized to act on behalf of another, a substitute, or stand-in.
While on a hike last week I got a download from Thoth about the ancient remembering of Pilgrimage by Surrogate- to dedicate a pilgrimage to someone(s) and walk in their steed. (Wow, holy guacamole, that is why I love hanging with him).
This remembering made so much sense to me, after years of working with people remotely and watching the incredible success and transformation they experience. Plus having the blessing of taking people in person to sacred sites and the witnessing magic, miracles, and extraordinary results, the combination of the two feels super potent.
In these innovative and leading edge times the opportunity to receive the benefits of a sacred pilgrimage from a distance and by proxy are infinitely multidimensional.
Are you feeling called to find out more? Check out the info below about the inaugural Pilgrimage by Surrogate happening in just a few weeks in Southern France/wherever you live. And be sure to tune into the article below, which explains more about the Power of Proxy.
What would you have us dedicate your pilgrimage by proxy to? Enhancing your health, clarity, business, abundance, relationships, connection to Source, being bliss, healing for a loved one or______________?

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Pilgrimage Surrogate

Pilgrimage by Surrogate August 22-28

      • Feeling called to tap into the power of the sacred act of pilgrimage?
      • Have something in your life you would love supported, healed, transformed?
      • Ready to have a week of walking, weaving energy work, Divine Transmissions and ceremony dedicated to you?



A 7-Day Pilgrimage in Southern France that you participate in remotely (bi-location) from the comfort of your home. Danielle will walk an average of 5-7 miles each day in the beautiful countryside of Provence as your Surrogate “substitute”.  Dedicating the pilgrimage to what you want to shift, resolve, transform, expand; your health, consciousness, abundance, business, relationships, completing a project, meeting a goal… In collaboration with her Divine team of Light Beings (Thoth, The Council of Light, Archangel Michael, Isis, Mary Magdalene), they will send you energy healing, speak with your higher self, transform blocks, open up pathways, provide energy initiations and more. Together you will experience the power of a pilgrimage and the healing energies of the sacred land of France on a multidimensional level. This innovative and ancient art of Pilgrimage by Surrogate goes back to times of sacred ceremony where the visionary would go into sacred ceremony on someone’s behalf at times of great transition.


Often times in modern day life your challenges and successes go unacknowledged, this pilgrimage could be the way you honor a rite of passage you are experiencing. Perhaps you are starting something new (a family, business, move) or have lost a loved one, or are having a health challenge, or have accomplished an amazing goal that you haven’t celebrated, or you are writing a book, or falling in love, or moving, or ready to shift your financial situation once and for all. Imagine having Danielle and the Divine team working with you from a distance and what would be possible from that level of attention and awareness.


  • Pre-Pilgrimage Writing Exercise to get clear on what you are dedicating this time to and to inform us of your focus
  • 7 days of walking 5-7 miles per day by proxy with energy transmissions
  • 24/7 Pilgrimage Energy Support
  • 75 Minute Personal Audio Recording to summarize and amplify work that was done
  • Post-Pilgrimage Writing Exercise to integrate your experience and results

Bonus Gift: 2 hour 1:1 In-Depth Conversation with the Divine by phone ($750 Value)

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When: August 22-28, 2014

Where: Provence, France & Where you Live (simultaneously)

Investment: $1001

Feeling yourself light up about joining?

Register Here

(first come basis limited to 3 people).

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Interested yet wondering if this is for you? Send us an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you right away.

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