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Origin Source Codes

This is Thoth with the Divine Light Activation Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. We are building an energy container that is the launching pad for the next Divine Light Activation sequence of Beings of Light who gather together in France May 3-13, 2017 (or bi-locate from home). For this is the 4th time that the Divine Light Activation full 22 sequence is being co-created. Each one has had a unique purpose and contribution to the individuals who have gathered for them and those that will gather for this one and also for the Earth Star and the Multiverse.

The 4th Divine Light Activation is being held in the same location as the 1st one in Southern France by where Danielle lives. This is on purpose for the energies are deepening in this Temple of Light in France and there is a particularly ripe energy causeway to be accessing frequencies and vibrations from Beings of Light across the Multiverse close to Danielle’s home. The purpose of the 4th Divine Light Activation, in addition to it being a game changing, life enhancing activation sequence, is to build a Divine Light Activation Temple of Light in the Cosmos.

Now we know that may seem like a stretch for some yet for others there is the awareness of the ever-growing relationship between Earth and the cosmic energies. That as the Earth Star has jumped dimensions and has expanded beyond her current solar system there are new energies that are available to be contributing to Earth as well as what is now possible for Earth to contribute to in the Multiverse. Another way we could say this is that you may have had a focus on your individual evolution, the evolution of other individuals and groups, the evolution of the Earth, the environment and animals and now there is an invitation to add expand that focus further to the cosmos.

By adding to the cosmos there is an expansion that becomes possible that contributes directly to Source, the Divine, All That Is and all that could be. You may have an awareness of your purpose in this incarnation being connected to expanding universes. You may have an awareness of what you choose in your incarnation adding to Source directly.

We are placing this Divine Light Activation on the altar and are available to have conversations with those of you who are drawn to submit your application and are able to join the May Divine Light Activation is it is a yes from you and from us. For the conversation is one that provides in more depth an Akashic Records Reading about what the Divine Light Activation contributes personally to you.

We will complete at this time inviting you to also tune into the 10-minute audio on Origin Source Codes and the innovative partnering nature of the Divine Light Activation below. Now we know that we are having a fairly high level conversation around the Divine Light Activation meaning we are not simplifying or trying to have this message be one that reaches everyone who it is being sent to for from our perspective that is what those of you who are called to join Divine Light Activation are asking for. You are asking to be connected to at the level of adeptness that you have within you.

All is Light and You Are All,
Thoth and the Divine Light Activation Council of Light 
Origin Source Codes ~ Audio Transmission

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