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  The Energy Support Program

for Individuals or Families

If you are looking to increase your success in any area of your life the Energy Support Program can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. This energy program is cost effective, easy to participate in and life changing.This program works with your higher self and energy systems 24 hours a day to assist you in holding a higher frequency or vibration.  Moving into and living from a higher vibration encourages your system to complete unresolved, deep, negative patterns.  This changes your energy to be compatible with the high frequency of your dreams, happiness, wealth and fulfillment.  Like attracts like and your good is magnetized into your life…

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Home Study Programs
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Money Muse CDs

The Money Muse

A panel of Light Beings-guides you step by step into a new relationship with Money.

Three 70-minute MP3 recordings

Essential aspects to your new relationship with money are:

  • Unleashing your purpose
  • Transcending illusions based in scarcity consciousness
  • Receiving out of the box support to anchor you in the new energies of money.  

Once you purchase this program you will immediately receive access to the MP3 recordings of this conversation to listen to at your convenience. Listen to a *FREE* 30-minute sample recording by clicking below…

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 ucjc image Unity Consciousness Joy-Camp:  

5 Days with the Masters Home Study Program with Mary Magdalene, The Council of Light, Isis, Thoth, and Infinite Oneness

Our purpose in calling forth this gathering is to provide the energetic support, practical tools and big reason WHYs for you to step firmly into Unity Consciousness. Rather than calling this gathering a boot camp, as it does have the same level of intensity and discipline, we are calling it a joy camp. For it is through the portal of joy that you align with unity.

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 Consciousness on Demand Consciousness on Demand  Video Sessions Series Have you wanted to work with Divine Transmissions and receive customized support?  Each 5+ minute video session* includes powerful Divine Transmissions direct from Source to you. Choose your favorite topics or purchase the entire series of 8 and become the Space where Grace, Potency, Money, Magic, Possibility, Divinity, Joy and Clarity Reside.

Receive a *FREE* Space of Grace Video…

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