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Imagine what would be possible in your life if you had Awesome support, and by Awesome, we mean Divine support. We are a group of Light Beings—a Divine Council—including Thoth and the Council of Light who have gathered in response to your asking, your calling.

Aurora Polar LightsDoes this Describe You?DT flare

  • A successful visionary and thought leader (or you are ready to be).
  • You are already thriving in areas of your life (spiritually, financially and/or professionally…)
  • You have created and experienced extraordinary things, yet you know you are holding back…
  • You are ready to bring in your unique body of work (book, business, movie, program, art, CD, project…)
  • You desire in-depth support to actualize a dream you haven’t realized yet.
  • You are choosing to spend the rest of your life doing and being what matters to you.
  • You are consciously creating a legacy—based in your Divine Genius—so that the positive impact of your unique contribution continues beyond this incarnation.

Why an In-Depth Divine Partnership Creates Miracles:DT flare

9771492_mlRight now you have a default setting that is creating your future based on your current consciousness (conglomerate of your awareness, unconscious agreements, thoughts, beliefs, past experiences, collective consciousness…). It’s what you can’t see that is holding you back (your energy, limiting beliefs, overlays).

In order to create something beyond the life you currently have you need to recalibrate your default setting—change your vibration and access your multidimensional self (more of you). Once you do you are able to bring in a body of work with ease, express what you came here for, live from your brilliances and create the life you really want.

When we spend time with someone in what we like to call a Divine Partnership we are with you Divine-to-Divine, Peer-to-Peer, Light-to-Light. Meaning we are with the wholeness of you, the multi-dimensionality of you, the totality of you. Being with us as we are being with you has an extraordinary result, you begin to be with you as the wholeness of you.

And that which you had been shutting down, your awareness, your gifts, your talents, your creative capacity, your abundance, your empowerment, your choice…becomes available to you again. Then you can truly create the life you imagined (which you are already doing), yet the one that you really, really, really imagine.

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Co-Creating a Divine Partnership (Focus, Investment, How to Apply):

Because there is no other partnering like this, and no one exactly like you, each Divine Partnership, initiation, conversation, energy is co-created for exactly what will serve you best.  

Focus:DT flare

What does the life of your imagining include?


  • Realizing a Dream
  • Awakening Your Intuition
  • Living from Unity Consciousness
  • Spiritual and Personal Evolution
  • Expanding Your Abundance
  • Bringing in Your Unique Body of Work
  • Creating a Legacy
  • Being a Thought Leader in Your Field
  • Following the Whisper of Your Soul (the one you are hearing right now)

It is not the focus of the partnership that creates the absolute shift in your world; it is the being together in this potent way that you are to be with you fully. As a result everything else changes.

Past partners are now empowered creators, visionaries, and leaders in their field and include entrepreneurs, moms, millionaires, politicians, authors…After working together they had greater access to their unique brilliances and freedom to express what they came here for. They wrote books, started businesses, made money, ran for senate, retired, had babies and more.

Investment:DT flare

Divine Transmissions Partners with Five, 1:1 Clients Per Year.

Creating a Divine Partnership with Thoth and the Council of Light (as transmitted by Danielle) is an extraordinary experience. The investment of time and money for these In-depth programs begins at $10,001 and goes up to $101,000 and lasts anywhere between 2-Days and A-Year-And-A-Day depending on how intensively we decide to work together. Yet if you decide to apply you will be investing more than your money, energy and time. You will be anteing up your old way of being, choosing a new one and activating your Divine Choice.

How to Apply:DT flare

Usually these partnerships are entered into through referral or invitation only. Or occasionally through what we would call a synchronistic event (meaning we come into each others lives in a surprising or fortuitous way and as we follow the energy of that connection it leads us into a ‘meant to be awareness’).

From our perspective those that participate in these in-depth partnerships have chosen to before this incarnation. Yet the remembering of this agreement/choice and whether it is a yes or a no for you and a yes or a no for us is why we have a very special application process.

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The first step is to vibe out if you want to explore joining the program and if so fill out the form below answering the following questions.


  • (If this includes bringing in a body of work tells us a bit about your book, project, movie…)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

After Submitting Your Application:DT flare

Once your application is received one of two things will happen, we will contact you to let you know we have received a clear no to working together in this program or a possible yes. If it is a no, we will share other resources that would be a better fit, for this no simply indicates that this program and what would best serve you isn’t a match.

If it is a possible yes we will invite you into an in-depth conversation with the Divine. This way we can experience what working together at this ‘level’ would be like. In fact, we like to take the possibility of joining the program totally off the table until we get to experience one another in this way. Once we have experienced one another, we will have enough information to invite you into the program or not and if an invitation is extended you will have enough experience and awareness to say yes or no.

At this point please take a few deep breaths and tune in and see if you are called to apply for an in-depth Divine partnership program and the possibility of having a deep conversation with us.