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To Take Successful Channeling and Coaching Business

Do these quests light you up?

  • Brokering a paradigm shift from what created our current success (excellence) to what will take us to where we are headed (genius).
  • Co-creating with, and opulently nourishing highly creative CEO to be spending more and more now moments in her Genius (creating, filling and delivering programs, products and retreats) and less moments in areas that take her out of her genius. For example, managing team: You, CEO, Techy VA and Customer Service, managing team's daily operations: Asana, payments, technical issues, emails, researching, quality control, initiating work flow, client astonishment, and managing projects and marketing flow. 
  • Adding your genius to actualize a quantum leap in all that is already going well so it becomes all that could be. 


  • Have a track record of success.
  • Know yourself, including your areas of genius and areas of “weakness”. You are committed to being in your genius and supporting rest of team to do the same.
  • Take the initiative, anticipate what is coming, take work off CEO’s plate.
  • Bring a skill set that isn’t currently represented on team (looking ahead, planning, researching, list building, marketing maps, team management, social media...).
  • Have a desire to contribute to a larger vision.
  • Thrive in a setting with several projects going at once.


  • In survival mode.
  • Looking to be told what to do and how to do it.
  • Averse to overseeing the maintenance part of a business.

Your Super Powers Include Being a

Marketing Alchemist and Launch Maven=Looking Ahead/Keeper of the Plan

You are an eagle who can see the highest level overview and home in on the smallest detail.  You can take a vision and outline a streamlined roadmap to get there. Including creating a meaningful plan that reaches the target, ensuring all steps are clearly outlined, assigned to who is doing them and by when. You drive the project, double check for quality and make adjustments that become clear in the doing. You anticipate what needs to be done next and you initiate it getting handled.

You have knowledge in the various marketing possibilities we use (high end offerings work best with enrollment conversations, list building and larger group programs love a mix of social media, teleseminars, newsletters, speaking, radio, video, audio, written, tele-summits and in person retreats require a bit of both). You outline a course of action that matches and combines the timing of them with an alchemist’s precision to ensure these awesome offerings reaches and is chosen by the ideal client.

As a default we tend to have a clear vision and make up how to get there as we go. We are looking for help with keeping an eye on what’s coming, seeing what is in our blind spots, brainstorming, planning, researching, exploring options and simplifying.

Divine Genius Amplifier and Guard Dog of Uninterrupted Creative Flow=Dream Team Amplifyer

You are adept in team management and development and ensure that everyone is in their areas of genius and what isn’t gets in the hands of whose it is. You are a fierce protector and staunch ally for your CEO to be Divinely Transmitting (delivering programs to current clients, creating clients with videos, audios, writing) and Scribing (creating programs, materials, content).

You keep everyone and everything else out of her inner sanctuary with a fierceness of a guard dog and the softness of the purr of a lioness.

You are a community builder, relationship oriented and a clear communicator. When CEO has a vision about building community, partnering with others or list building yet needs more information in order to choose the best course of action you are willing to research options, problem solve and synthesize possibilities.


  • Are an innovative, creative, high vibe environment.
  • Believe in partnering as equals, eye-to- eye, peer-to- peer, Divine-to- Divine.
  • Are on a mission to empower visionaries to bring in new bodies of work/consciousness to co-create an evolution in consciousness.
  • Include a board of directors and business partners that are Beings of Light (guides).
  • Have been in business for 24+ years.
  • Are in an accelerated growth spurt.
  • Are a unique combination of woo-woo with a grounded attention to a high level of detail.

About CEO and DivineTransmissions.com

Hello, my name is Danielle Rama Hoffman of Divine Transmissions Inc. I am a creator, scribe and leader in the industry of energy and consciousness. I have been an entrepreneur for 24+ years in the healing arts, starting in counseling, owning a massage school, energy healing and currently I channel Beings of Light.

I am the author of 3 books, The Temples of Light, The Council of Light, The Tablets of Light. I empower visionaries, coaches and personal growth enthusiasts to share their Divine genius with the world. This includes being a midwife for them while they give birth to their unique bodies of work (books, businesses, projects).

My business model is a combination of online programs and courses (that include videos, audio’s and written material), with live coaching and in person retreats in France (and other sacred sites). I prefer to go deep with a smaller amount of highly committed clients then stay on the surface with the masses. I tend to ask for a high level of commitment from the clients that work with me, this can be in the arena of time (ex: A Year and a Day video course, 366 videos), energy and/or financial investment. This way I am all in with my clients and can do my best work with them and vice versa.

After years of being a solo-preneur with a high level of success and achievement I am curious about what else is possible through co-creation, collaboration and community. My leading edge is to be diving even more deeply into my areas of divine genius and to add in energies that compliment the areas that aren’t mine to be doing any longer. I am committed to being surrounded by others who are choosing to be engaged in your Divine genius.

I create my business and make all of my decisions based on meditation and partnering with a board of directors of Light Beings. Staff meetings with my current team includes meditation, bringing in the guides and creating from that level. 

My vision for 2017 is to position Divine Transmissions to be a high-end light school with a 4-year curriculum.

Some current projects that are on deck for 2017 are 3 retreats in France, 2 in Sedona, Book Launch, Year and a Day Video Course, and creating a practitioner licensing program, including a new Tarot Deck, Runes set and manual. 

Are you feeling called to explore
what working together could be like?

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