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November Energy Trends

This is Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. The purpose of which is to share more about the energy trends for 2017 and specifically November. This year has been one that has been gaining momentum and traction for a quantum leap in consciousness. The leap from anywhere Source consciousness has been in a state of dormancy to Source consciousness being awakened. The process of which traverses much unconscious territory, with slower vibrations coming to the surface to be rocket fuel for this leap.

November is a beautiful month to be consolidating your energy. To be seeing things in a greater wholeness rather than in parts. For example, if you have been looking at your life in different segments, that you have your health, relationships, career…that you look at the totality of your life all together. Part of this shift into Source consciousness being awakened or turned on is a process where that which was Ochre in Southern Franceseen in separation is seen in wholeness. Divine wholeness is returning to the Earth Star.

November is also a beautiful month to be strengthening your yes’s and no’s. To be sealing in that which is uniquely you and yours and to be sealing out that which isn’t uniquely you and yours. A color that can support you in this process is the red that is seen in different places around the Earth, including the red rocks of Sedona and the Ochre in Southern France.

To support November’s energy trends we would invite you to take a few moments and really savor, appreciate and acknowledge what you have created this year. What do you appreciate or are grateful for? Taking the time to really acknowledge your rites of passages, your successes and your progress supports this consolidation process. This supports your system to really take in and absorb your expansion. As such, you have the capacity to come from wholeness as you continue to expand.


We are also including an 11-minute audio transmission
with Light Language to support this November’s energy trends. Enjoy.


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