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Note from Thoth and The Council of Light

Background with Stars and GalaxyHello Dear Ones,

This is Thoth and The Council of Light who are moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. The subject of which is the evolution in consciousness that is occurring for you individually and for us globally. In this shift in consciousness that which was is no longer and that which will be is not quite formed. In this transition state incredible innovations are created, higher planes of awareness are reached and anything is possible.

Our message to you today is to own that you are in transition, that your Divine missions is in transition (Divine TransMissions). As such you can recognize that you are in a very powerful state. One in which what you are choosing is still unknown to you on some levels and that in this space there resides great freedom. There is freedom in the space of transition.

We are stepping up the offerings that we have available to you in order to provide more places in which you can show up as the new YOU. Where you can show up as the informed, awake and aware you. One such place is our monthly Joy Pods Live Tele-Calls, which are offered in response to your asking, to your calling. The subject of each one will vary yet always be on the overall subject of Unity Consciousness. We will share a direct transmission for the group and then also respond directly to your questions. For those of you who participated in our group sessions in past years, this is the next evolution of that offering.

We invite you to explore the New Divine Transmissions website and to enjoy the New you that you have become. We have said it before and we will say it again, the most ease-filled way to traverse a transition is to be You. To shine your signature energy, to complete any overlays you are carrying that aren’t uniquely you or yours and to express what you came here for. If the universe required everyone to be the same then everyone would be the same. Yet you know that incarnating during a transition such as this is a joyous opportunity to share the exact vibration, frequencies and consciousness that are unique to you. As such, you are vibrating in the optimal frequency for you and therefore for all involved.

We want to close with the awareness that we will be communicating more and more with you through Divine Transmissions and that each transmission written, audio, video is multidimensional. Meaning that as you read this featured transmission there are multiple layers that you are tapping into and the words are only one aspect of what is being shared. We invite you to explore your world with the same awareness that even though your day appears to be made up of words, people and happenings each one is more multidimensional than you realize.

We look forward to continuing our conversation and invite you to join our Monthly Unity Consciousness Joy Pods to interact with us directly. All is well and you are ALL!


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