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Evolution Matrix: Be You~Infinite and Current

When: December 31, 2012-January 1st, 2013, 10PM-2AM (Your Time Zone)*

Where: Wherever you are (long distance energy support) doing whatever you would choose (party, sleep, appreciate…)

Investment: $55

Please take a nourishing breath and vibe out if this energetic nourishment is for you?

What is Possible?

Have you ever noticed that you tend to wake up expecting your day and what is possible for you to be a lot like yesterday?

Are you aware that you are carrying with you outdated and expired ways of being, beliefs and feelings (that may not even be yours to begin with) that stop you from being current with who you truly are?

This event is designed to:

  • maximize the energy of the last eve of the empowering year of 2012 and the starlight beginning of the phenomenal year of 2013 as rocket fuel for your shift in consciousness.
  • create a bridge to the currency of oneness (by including back into the wholeness and neutralizing the negative impact of any illusions, projections, distortions or old identities you are carrying).
  • provide a special combination of energetic nourishment, sacred geometry, color, and crystalline light so you can access your infinite and current self.

How would it feel to wake up on New Years day feeling current with who you have become and aware of the infinite possibilities available to you?

What if 2013 was the start of living from total awareness and elevated consciousness?


*Registration ends at 10PM (PT) on December 30th. Your Evolution Matrix will be created on the 31st and programmed to be active between 10pm-2am in your time zone.