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My Awakening

Wow! Thank you for the dozens of questions we have received recently. We know that just by submitting a question you already open up to a shift in consciousness and we would invite you receive your answer from the questions we chose below. Understanding that everyone is connected and when we respond to one person there is something in it for you as well. All is one and you are All.

We have chosen three questions this month to demonstrate the themes that are coming through in each. Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions for sometimes just knowing that you are not alone in what you are seeking is deeply reassuring.

Q1: Where is my home?

A1: This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission; your home is…keep reading the space and consciousness of your multidimensional being. Your home is your Divine connection, it is an energy location of being connected to you and all there is. Your home is not a place on the planet it resides beyond the finiteness of a physical location. It resides in you choosing you. We know that you may not be aware of this knowing yet anytime you feel not at home it is because you are choosing to feel separate from your divine wholeness. To be more in a sense of being at home wherever you live right now dive deep into the rhythm of your heart and ask to connect to all that is you and yours. This will enhance your sense of being at home so that then you are free to live wherever you choose and wherever would serve you the best for there are a variety of places you could feel at home on the planet. Yet for sure where you will be at home is anchored in your Divine connection and multidimensional self. You are the home for you allow yourself to open up to these energies and words.

Q2: Will I advance in my awakening?

A2: This is the energy and consciousness of the Divine Feminine that is moving into the forefront of this divine transmission. You are the light and the love of the world; you are already advanced in your awakening it is simply a matter of moving into the energy awareness and location where this wholeness of you resides. Rather than a process or an exercise that we could give you to accelerate your awareness of this truth, we would recommend you guide your life by what soothes your energy system, in that for you, you are able to connect to the wholeness that is you when your nervous system is feeling nourished and replenished. Then your natural state of wholeness becomes more evident. Enjoy these divine feminine energy streams of consciousness that are flowing in and through and around this transmission.

Q3: Why is it that at this time just before ascension, many of us are going through such tumultuous times in our lives? Myself, I am going through divorce after 36 years together and I am 62. Was this planned before this incarnation? I have had many lives with this man.

A3: This is Thoth that is moving into the forefront of this divine transmission, thank you for this question for it brings up many layers of response. We would invite you as you are reading this to tune into the awareness that you are having of the ‘answer’s to these questions. For as always you are the one that is in connection with you and knows what is best for you at all times. Now that you have connected to your own truth and knowing about this time and what it means for you we would share a bit about this shift in consciousness that you are referring to as ascension. As your energy shifts in vibration it is natural for you to experience more inclusion of all that is. Sometimes the shortest route for this inclusion is through a separation, such as a divorce, or through a change in an external circumstance such as losing a job or a health or wealth challenge. This is a familiar way of moving through consciousness and changes. Yet we would also say that these opportunities, as you know provide a juicy opportunity to embody that which you know to be true on the universal awareness levels. The soul can set up situations like this for there to be a PHD type of environment in which you can practice your wholeness. And you can be in the space and awareness that you are moving into a space in which there is always more to be garnered from joy, light and love. Here is a question we would leave you with, “How can I be in the energy of joy, light and love right now?” As you are moving through times that feel challenging and times that feel uplifting asking yourself this question can guide your energy into the space that you are calling forth even more fully. All is well and you are all.

Thank you for your questions we enjoyed interacting with you in this way.

Thoth and the Council of Light

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