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My 2011 Sojourn to Southern France

Southern France 2011 – Heaven on Earth

As I journeyed to Southern France in 2011 for a 3-week sojourn I was ready for an upgrade in my consciousness. I had the feeling that I had filled my current state of mind to the brim and was stretching beyond what was previously known to me and out of my comfort zone. Upon my arrival I was almost immediately whisked into a state of absolute peace, contentment and fulfillment. My usually active mind was still. My inner drive to accomplish my mission in this lifetime was transformed into a sense of peace. I would go for hours without speaking, or really seeming to have any thoughts, just simply floating in an absolute sense of peace. The experiential knowingness that life is simply Heaven on Earth (NOW).

Wow, it was incredible. In addition to this feeling state of peace, I spent my days with my beloved husband Friedemann, hiking in nature, going for runs, eating exquisite foods, meditating at sacred sites, meeting wonderful people. Each day was filled with things I love to do and to experience. What amazed me most about this feeling state of contentment was that I wasn’t trying to feel a sense of wholeness and bliss; rather I just became these sensations. I experienced what I have believed for a long time that my birthright is peace; that bliss, joy and contentment exist within me now.

All feelings of striving, lack, and being driven made way to such a deep sense of inner peace and detachment. Upon my return I am feeling my ‘set point’ shifted from a sense of being motivated by desire (desire to be of service, desire to fulfill my purpose, desire to thrive financially…) to absolute contentment. Nothing is missing; nothing needs to be sought after. It is really a bit wild, so now as I am home my ‘motivation’ for living my life, and creating new courses, and being of service is peace, contentment and wholeness.

Here is a Divine Transmission of some of the energetics I connected to in France; to support you in enlivening the truth within that peace is your birthright.

Divine Transmission from Mary Magdalene:

Hello dear ones, this is Mary Magdalene moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. It is the message of love that inherently holds the vibrations of peace and wild contentment. Love as a vibration, as one of the highest vibrations on the planet. The field of love is what is streaming through these words and this moment and by embracing this field of love, the truth of peace now is activated within your core center.

Know this, you are all that you are in this now moment as a light and as a cornerstone of divine knowing. This divine knowing is the light and the love of all there is and this love and light of all there is, is your true nature. Now breathe deeply and allow this state of peaceful oneness arise from within your cellular memory. Memories of the divine birthright of the way of love, brim into your core matrix.

This is the experience of the awakening process that you have been choosing. Now it is simply the alignment of this way of being that is the truth of the wholeness that you are. Take 3 deep breaths and if you choose ignite your core essence of peace and then let it be so. For it is a choice to be content, it is a choice to be in the field of love, it is a choice to align with your core knowingness. As it is also a choice to be in the drama of separation. It may not feel like a choice, yet it really is. Now, is all there is and this now has all there is within it. So as you embark on the rest of your now moments allow them to unfold like a beautiful flower drinking in the morning sun. You are a walking Heaven on Earth. Blessed BE!

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