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Danielle Hoffman


Shift into Unity Consciousness with

Joy & Support from Ascended Masters  


Consciousness Joy-Camp: 5 Days with the Masters

Mary Magdalene, The Council of Light, Isis, Thoth, and Infinite Oneness

Our purpose in calling forth this gathering is to provide the energetic support, practical tools and big reason WHYs for you to step firmly into Unity Consciousness. Rather than calling this gathering a boot camp, as it does have the same level of intensity and discipline, we are calling it a joy camp. For it is through the portal of joy that you align with unity.

Five, 70-minute Divine Transmissions MP3’s with the daily special guest Ascended Master outlining what Unity Consciousness is, how you can live from it and why it is so important to do so right away


Three bonus videos from sacred sites

Isis’s Temple in Philae: Council of Light transmission of the Emerald Ray, the ray of consciousness that supports you in being you FULL OUT!

Southern France: Mary Magdalene bliss-kissed second chakra activation for juiciness and increased permission to experience pleasure and abundance.

Southern France: Thoth and Isis crystalline energy transmission for Magic and Mastery. How would it feel to be so congruent you are in a state of grace and joy regardless of any outside circumstance?


Three, Bliss Activation Group Transmissions MP3’s

These three-group transmission audio’s (approximately 70-minutes each) hold powerful consciousness to support you in unlocking your deeper awareness of bliss as a Divine Birthright. These potent energy transmissions from Ascended Masters nourish your system into vibrating more naturally with the frequency of bliss and joy. Steep in this consciousness including the Violet Flame, Sacred Geometry, Southern France Sacred Site, Lemurian Portal in Maui and more…and infuse your life with bliss, Divine Feminine Power and Soul Union.

  • Bliss is Water for the Soul: Soul Bliss Activation with support from St. Germaine, Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene, Sekhmet
  • Divine Feminine Flower: A Bliss gift from Mary Magdalene Recorded in France
  • Maui Revealed: Access Lemurian Portal for Unity Consciousness Shift


Daily Practices for Joy and Bliss

Consciousness on Demand Video Session: Space of Joy

This 5-minute video session includes powerful Divine Transmissions direct from Source to you. Access, Ignite, Calibrate to JOY. Enjoy, Laugh, Sing & Vibrate Yourself into a Permanent Portal of Happiness. Spark the core ignition of your natural state of joy, bliss, fun and happiness as your expanded state of alignment and choice. Receive the space of joy from the Hathor’s and Divine light.

Temples of Light Guided Meditation: Dendera Initiation ~ Activate Instinctual Bliss

Journey to the Egyptian Temple Dendera to activate your instinctual bliss centers. Dendera is dedicated to Hathor~the goddess of bliss, dance, sensuality, music and love. This 16-minute guided meditation is a transmission of bliss that occurs through the spoken word, guided imagery, relaxing music and deeply engages your senses and your imagination as you participate in this ancient Egyptian mystery school rite of passage of remembering bliss.

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Divine Light Activation

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