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Multidimensional May

Higher SelfHello Dear One, it is I Thoth and the Council of Light that are moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission. We are in the space of love and light and delighted to explore the potency of Multidimensional May.
Are you sensing the quantum field of infinite possibilities that are opening for the Month of May? This month in particular is a pendulum month, meaning that there is a fulcrum of momentum that is allowing you to pivot into living multidimensionally. We have been speaking about multidimensional living for quite a while and you have each been stepping into being more of you in your own way. Yet now you may be having experiences of this multidimensionality show up in your life in tangible ways.
One of these ways is that you are able to experience a multitude of experiences in your every day life that may seem to be quite bountiful. Meaning you have a plethora of experiences in a short amount of time. If you are living in a dimensional plane where you are using only action to create then you may actually be creating less this month than if you are utilizing the energy and consciousness that you are for your creation endeavors. Being in connection with your inner guidance, your light and your love is a space in which you can be in the consciousness of all that there is. Allowing your soul, your light body, your inner awareness to support you in making decisions which also frees up your energy and what you would perceive as time.
Let’s use a few examples of what this can look like…
  • You are having your daily activities like you usually would. Then these daily activities are turning into universal wavelengths that are then tagging onto other ways of being, that then bring something even more fluidly into form. This is the universal light and love of all that there is.
  • You are going about your regular activities and you are aware of the dimensional space that they reside in. Then simultaneously your energy is broadcasting on other planes of consciousness to bring to you those perfect people, places and opportunities. Then like a tractor beam, these experiences gravitate towards you naturally. You don’t have to seek them out they are seeking you. As this is a newer way of unfolding you can be in the universal consciousness of all that there is and be in the unfolding of grace. Enjoy your continued experience of living multidimensionally.

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