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Money Muse Transmission

Activate your Birthright of Abundance

This is the Money Muse Panel of light beings that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission to share with you wisdoms, vibrations and frequencies to support your financial alignment. What we mean by financial alignment is the greater understanding of your inner alignment with your birthright of abundance as it translates to finances. The energy of Money has shifted and as such so has the vibration of financial abundance. Which is no longer about hard work, striving and sacrifice. Rather now it is about love, peace, alignment and the core activation of abundance as a birthright. A given!

A short breathing and visualization exercise:

Take some deep breaths and tune into your core essence… the vibrational frequency that denotes your signature energy. Expand your awareness of your core essence so that it builds. Builds and expands. Now breathe into the center of your solar plexus chakra , the space in between your lower ribs. Focus the energy of the New Money Consciousness into your solar plexus. Perhaps imagine a color that represents the loving, life-enhancing, purpose championing energy of new Money and saturate your solar plexus with this color of light…. As this color expands in your solar plexus, feel a relaxation happening within your core vibration, illuminating a vibration of peace and stillness… Now activate from within the core of your solar plexus the light and love of all there is. Activate the Divine creator archetypal energy from within your core vibration. Aligning, remembering and divining. You are a Divine Creator being, you are the light and the love of the world. Own your true empowered state. Activate your core truth. Radiate your birthright of abundance. Ignite ease and grace and relax into the ever-expanding state of the universe.

Now call upon the New Money vibrations to circulate in your solar plexus. Intend that these energies of birthright and alignment inform your solar plexus that the era of struggle, fear, scarcity and forcing are over. That now is the time to create through joy, through unity, through clarity, through ease, through the expanding unfolding universe. Take 3 breaths to complete this process…

Now this quick Divine Transmission supports you in being in a state of greater ease as it correlates to your financial life. If you find yourself worrying about money, striving or struggling around money, just stop take some deep breaths and direct the energy of the New Money consciousness into your solar plexus.

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