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Money & Manifestation Acceleration Hologram


Money & Manifestation Acceleration Hologram:
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Meet the Council of Light Video

Enjoy this 34-minute Divine Transmission video from the Council of Light to you—a being of light—to raise your vibration and enhance your health, wealth and happiness. Create a direct connection with your personal Council of Light and your soul.

Access 3 powerful Rays of Light: The Joy Ray, The Emerald Ray and the Solar Ray and get started manifesting the deepest desires of your soul right away

VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYsynBaG39o

Money Muse Audio Program:

5 mp3’s to create a new relationship with money based in Unity Consciousness

The Money Muse: A panel of Light Beings-guides you step by step into a new relationship with Money.

Five MP3 recordings

Essential aspects to your new relationship with money are:

  • Unleashing your purpose
  • Transcending illusions based in scarcity consciousness
  • Receiving out of the box support to anchor you in the new energies of money
  • Merging Spirituality & Money
  • Resurrection of your divine power
  • Transcending illusion that money is outside of you.

Money Muse Part 1 (70-minutes)

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Money Muse Part 2 (70-minutes)

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Money Muse Part 3 (70-minutes)

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Money Muse Part 4 (70-minutes)

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Money Muse Part 5: For Spiritual Entrepreneurs (55-minutes)

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Money & Manifestation Acceleration Hologram:

Individual Money Debris Clearing & Money Vortex Activation Remote Session

This powerful remote healing session will be delivered to you energetically after you purchase your Money & Manifestation Acceleration package and receive an email from Danielle herself.

This individualized hologram of energy will be customized for you based on your Akashic Records, soul’s lineage, past life experiences and current money and manifestation blocks. This two-part energy download works directly with your higher self and will work in alignment with your free will and conscious choice to clear any blocks you have around money and manifesting your deepest desires. Often these are based in tribal consciousness and your fear of being killed or ostracized if you are visible as a spiritually and materially wealth person.

After this clearing your birthright as a creator being is reactivated and a money and manifestation vortex and hologram is activated. This remote energy activation will be delivered to you with the intention that it is integrated with ease and grace for all levels of your system and in perfect divine timing.

The results and benefits of this session will be felt in the days, weeks, and months to follow. By purchasing this special offer you extend your permission for this session to occur.

Manifestation Mastery Guided: MP3 Download

Manifestation Mastery: Initiations to Accelerate your Vibration and Ignite Heaven on Earth 

By Danielle Rama Hoffman and Jeni Miller

Create Health, Wealth & Joy

This audio recording is designed to easily and effectively raise your energetic vibration so that you can manifest your heart’s desires.

In these meditations you will:

  • Release stored negative emotions
  • Energize your body, mind and spirit
  • Tap into the unlimited abundance of the universe

Track 1: Chakra Clearing Meditation (41-minute)


Track 2: Daily Practice (15-minute)


Temples of Light Guided Meditations (Value $300)

These selected Initiations from The Temples of Light book and 6-CD set—includes a recording of the “Journey to the Temples of Light—Joining Heaven and Earth,” which is the first destination on your sojourn through Egypt’s Temples and “St. Catherine’s Star Gate Initiation—Choosing Peace,” which is the last initiation in the series. The combination of relaxing music and guided imagery deeply engages your imagination and senses to transport you to Egypt so you can fully integrate the heart teachings of each sacred site.

The Journey to the Temples of Light guides you to use your breath to be grounded in your body and to travel through your heart to ancient Egypt, so that the benefits of these initiations are experienced in your body and, more specifically, the benefits elicited spark an alchemical transformation that renews and energizes your heart. In this first journey you meet your guides—Thoth, who records your mystery school experiences in your Akashic Records and Isis, your midwife as you re-member and give birth to your renewed self. You also familiarize yourself with your transportation to the Temples of Light, your felucca, or sailboat, which will carry you from temple to temple along the Nile River.

The guided meditation to St. Catherine’s Star Gate offers the opportunity to live from your heart and to be at peace and lead a life of peace. This beautiful and blissful meditation with enchanting music from Ani Williams, Homage to Hathor imparts the knowledge that All is well. Everything in your life is in a natural ebb and flow. Be at peace with who and where you are. It is simply perfect. Be at peace with what you have; you created it all. Be at peace. Your soul is everlasting. Be at peace.

Journey to the Temples of Light—Joining Heaven and Earth


St. Catherine’s Star Gate Initiation—Choosing Peace